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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Davy Jones story

Last May 2011, as I was working at Epcot WDW, there were concerts put on in the American Adventure pavilion. The American Adventure pavilion was right next to the Italian pavilion, where I performed, but my break trailer was backstage of the American Adventure, the "AA trailer" as we all put it.  There was a performance stage where many concerts are held such as the Christmas Candlelight concert, and many other acts that I would sometimes go check out, and so the backstage area was always bustling with activity of some kind.

There was a day when I knew The Guess Who would be playing, and I was very excited as I was actually needing to see some Canadian rockers, to cleanse my palette of Americana. What do I find, but a shadow of their former selves. No Bachman, no Cummings, but a bunch of other guys in their place. Ohhh, that's right, Randy and Burt don't tour under "The Guess Who" because The Guess Who have the rights, or what ever legal nonsense is having The Guess Who remain unrecognizable to a Canadian gal like myself.

Well, that was disappointing. I did, however, enjoy The Fifth Dimension. I passed on seeing Starship Jefferson or Jefferson Starship, as I saw them walking backstage in their tourist t-shirt/short combo with frizzy rocker hair, prior to changing into their rockstar attire (it ruined the mystique of asking Alice what the doormouse said). I would like to be Grace Slick for 10 minutes, but wait - Grace Slick wasn't there either!

I enjoyed Billy Ocean's performance, and running into Boys2Men backstage, but I began to see the pattern... the acts that were being brought in were those of musicians that were popular between the 1960s and 1980s, and haven't had a presence in the music scene since, if not for kitsch popularity - because of a Shrek soundtrack, or something.  So, when I heard Davy Jones would be performing, I couldn't bare to see that go down as well. I didn't want to find out something disappointing there, so I just heard his voice carrying, singing "Venus if you will" as I waited for the bus backstage, by the American Adventure trailer. That's a Frankie Avalon song, just for the record. I was a typical cynical Canadian, eh?

Now Davy Jones is dead, and everyone is sad, and I feel like a douche bag!

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