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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meeting the artist!

After the event I did on February 22, 2012, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, I received an incredible collection of artwork and only one artist included their business card. It was Rosalinde Compton. I was on Facebook one evening, and noticed a comment made by the artist, Rosalinde, on the Dr. Sketchy's Facebook page. As I went to write her a message, thanking her for the great illustration given to me, I noticed we had a mutual friend which was: my Mother! How lovely!

This fantastic artist invited me to her studio, and it was a delightful visit. Seeing all of her artwork, the range of her ability, from use of pen and watercolor to acrylic; depictions of landscapes, gardens, sculptures, architecture, to maps and abstract imagery - all of which were done in a different corner of the world.

This accomplished, well-traveled artist is very talented, and I feel lucky to now have a second painting from her! I'm very tickled to have any, and now the collection is growing!

She let me know she handed in more of her artwork that night, and I must have it, but I'm not able to pick it out from the collection of work I have. The artwork featured at the top of this posting was signed, and included her card - as I mentioned, the rest were amongst the shuffle which Lily Fawn and I sifted through at the end of that night.

There's a romantic quality in not knowing who the artists are, almost like a secret message given to me - and the more I look at the sketches the more there is revealed as I will create a story in my mind of what the person was thinking or imaging while they drew.

Thank you again, Rosalinde!

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