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Miss Natasha Enquist is a singer-songwriter, musician and performer based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she studied classical piano as a child, attended the University of Victoria for History of Art, and had a career in fashion before having the accordion take over her life. Desiring music to be back in her life as an adult, she dug out her mother's accordions from storage, and upon discovering one of them needed a repair she took it into the local accordion shop, Tempo Trend Music, and the rest is history! She has had training in acting, voice and accordion lessons and master classes since then, and has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with her dreamy, dark, romantic sound of mixing electronic pop music with her accordion chanteuse style while enchanting her audiences with her charming and sultry presence.

She has had a versatile career with performing in the Canadian cabaret comedy troupe Atomic Vaudeville, international music and art festivals, creating and leading a Balkan-style marching band, performing at the historic Wintergarten Theater in Berlin, performance contracts with Walt Disney World, Heineken, ongoing work with Hendrick's Gin, and has recently had 4 of her original songs featured in the Berlin-based short film “The Birthday”, which has debuted at over 20 international film festivals. She has performed with Canadian Children's Entertainer, Mr. Fred Penner, shared the stage with Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Chicks on Speed, Hidden Cameras, and Geoff Berner, has had sponsorship from MOD Devices and Butcherei Lindinger, and has launched her own record label, MNE Records and recorded her debut album, "MNE", in Berlin with Kollo Agency, with videos streaming on MTV Germany, MTV Switzerland, MTV Netherlands, and VIVA TV's websites and continues to do both vocal and accordion recording session work as well as collaborations with Berlin-based studios.

Her intention with her "electro-accordion" project is to innovate the instrument and bridge the gap between electronic music and the accordion through sampling and sound design in live and post-production. This project was originally inspired by a project she had with her musician friend Mesa Luna, which was inspired by her electronic musician friends A Great White Bird and Nathan Jonson (fka Hrdvsion). Mixing electronic pop music with the accordion and her voice, she draws from her influences within electronic pop music and other artists like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Goldfrapp, Björk and the Eurythmics, and her voice and stage presence is often compared to, but not limited to, Grace Jones and Marlene Dietrich.


Miss Natasha Enquist's debut album, MNE, is the semi-autobiographical story of her journey of self-discovery told through the voice of a adventure-hungry Star Captain, who leaves her home planet to discover a new world, and the struggles she faces while there.

Weaving in lines of poetry from various German poets such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Karin Boye, and Rainer Maria Rilke, the narrative of the album touches on themes of kindred spirits, love, passion, loneliness and the resolution that comes from connecting to the indomitable spirit within.

Each song on MNE, which was recorded and produced by Kollo Agency in Berlin, Germany, and the sound of the album experiments with sound design of the accordion through sampling,distortion, and effects as well as noticeable melody lines.

Miss Natasha Enquist’s intention is to treat the accordion as a human-powered synthesizer, by utilizing the instrument in both traditional and innovative ways, resulting in a very textural, cinematic and atmospheric album.



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