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"Miss Natasha Enquist is the new David Bowie for those who spend their Sundays at Berghain."
- Skylar Benedict, BONER Magazine

Miss Natasha Enquist is a singer-songwriter, musician and performer based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she studied classical piano as a child, attended the University of Victoria for History of Art, and had a career in fashion before having the accordion take over her life. Desiring music to be back in her life as an adult, she dug out her mother's accordions from storage, and upon discovering one of them needed a repair she took it into the local accordion shop, Tempo Trend Music, and the rest is history! She has had training in acting, voice and accordion lessons and master classes since then, and has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with her dreamy, dark, romantic sound of mixing electronic pop music with her accordion chanteuse style while enchanting her audiences with her charming and sultry presence.

"...The wonderful Miss Natasha Enquist... Keep your eyes open for her.”
– Steve Morell, reboot.fm

She has had a versatile career with performing in the Canadian cabaret comedy troupe Atomic Vaudeville, international music and art festivals, creating and leading a Balkan-style marching band, performing at the historic Wintergarten Theater in Berlin, performance contracts with Walt Disney World, Heineken, ongoing work with Hendrick's Gin, and has recently had 4 of her original songs featured in the Berlin-based short film “The Birthday”, which has debuted at over 20 international film festivals. She has performed with Canadian Children's Entertainer, Mr. Fred Penner, shared the stage with Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Chicks on Speed, Hidden Cameras, and Geoff Berner, has had sponsorship from MOD Devices and Butcherei Lindinger, and has launched her own record label, MNE Records and recorded her debut album, "MNE", in Berlin with Kollo Agency, with videos streaming on MTV Germany, MTV Switzerland, MTV Netherlands, and VIVA TV's websites and continues to do both vocal and accordion recording session work as well as collaborations with Berlin-based studios.

Her intention with her "electro-accordion" project is to innovate the instrument and bridge the gap between electronic music and the accordion through sampling and sound design in live and post-production. This project was originally inspired by a project she had with her musician friend Mesa Luna, which was inspired by her electronic musician friends A Great White Bird and Nathan Jonson (fka Hrdvsion). Mixing electronic pop music with the accordion and her voice, she draws from her influences within electronic pop music and other artists like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Goldfrapp, Björk and the Eurythmics, and her voice and stage presence is often compared to, but not limited to, Grace Jones and Marlene Dietrich.
“Miss Natasha Enquist is good to look at—whether standing still or swinging an accordion at full gallop. She's also easy on the ears—in plays, in song, on stage, through a megaphone, swinging that accordion... again, typically at full gallop.”
– David Lennam, ShawTV


Artist Name: Miss Natasha Enquist

Band Members: Miss Natasha Enquist (accordion, vocals)

Label Name: MNE Records

Show length: 45 minutes

Album: "MNE" released August 9th, 2016

Live Concert Trailer: https://vimeo.com/196264891

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Years Active: 2007- Present



"Iron Heart" - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2020 MNE Records)

The Anniversary Song (Danube Waves) - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2019 MNE Records)

"Lock & Key"  - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2019 MNE Records)

Live Concert Trailer - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2017 MNE Records)

"Golden Planet" (Live Performance Video) - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2017 MNE Records)

"Villains" (Live Performance Video - KiezKlang) - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2017 MNE Records)

"Weltgeist" - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2016 MNE Records)

"Summer Bird" - Miss Natasha Enquist
(© 2015 MNE Records)

"What I Want" - Miss Natasha Enquist
(December 2014, Salon zur Wilden Renate, Berlin, Germany)

(October 2014, Wintergarten Theatre, Berlin, Germany)


- May 7th, 2019 Miss Natasha Enquist's music video "Lock & Key", produced and directed by Matresanch, debuts on BONER Magazine's website, Berlin, Germany.

- April 28th, 2018 performed "Star Captain: Through the dark you'll find the light" a theatrical concert of Miss Natasha Enquist's MNE album combined with multi-media visuals, for the English Theatre Berlin's 2018 Expat Expo Immigrant Invasion Festival, Berlin, Germany.

- February 24th, 2018 performed at the Darklands Party Main Stage, for the Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride in Antwerp, Belgium.

- September 9th, 2017 performed at the Folsom Europe Main Stage Show for Folsom Europe Street Fair 2017, produced by Male.Space and styled by Butcherei Lindinger in Berlin, Germany.

- September 7th, 2017 performed at the opening party for the exhibition "House of Joy" by the artist Kai Teichert, whom she also modeled for for one of the exhibiting pieces, at the Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany.

- August 25th, 2017 performed at the 3rd annual Pop Kultur Festival, at the historic Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany.

- July 1st, 2017 performed at the “Canada150” Canada Day celebrations, sponsored and organized by The Poutine Kitchen and BRLO Brwhouse in partnership with the Embassy of Canada to Germany and the Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e.V.(DKG), opening for the 2nd time in her career for fellow Canadian band, The Hidden Cameras.

- May 18th, 2017 opened and performed at the 2nd day of the 5th Annual Berlin Music Video Awards, at the Nuke Club, Berlin, Germany.

- May 18th, 2017 Miss Natasha Enquist’s “Golden Planet – Live Performance Video” debuts on Vienna, Austria’s OKTO.tv’s 'Poplastikka' website.

- October 21st, 2016, Miss Natasha Enquist produced and performed in her record release concert, with special guest, fellow Canadian musician, John Kameel Farah, to open the night, at the magical former silent film theater from the 1920s, the Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi. This concert featured the use of multimedia, with animated projections in sync with the musical performance of Miss Enquist's debut album, "MNE", with the help of music engineer Captures, for her live show. The Live Concert Trailer can be seen HERE.

- October 6th, 2016, the Leo Kuelbs Collection debuted the "Digital Fairy Tales; Album One" exhibition featuring 7 teams of artists, reinventing old Germanic tales collected by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth in the early 19th Century with digital media and sound art to create video installations to be projected onto the Manhattan Bridge, in the DUMBO art district in New York City, USA. Miss Natasha Enquist collaborated with the digital media team, Integrated Visions, from Brooklyn NY, writing and recording a song titled, "Into Pieces", for the project. The trailer for the exhibition features Miss Natasha Enquist's song "Into Pieces" HERE.

- August 9th, 2016, debut album "MNE" released on all major online outlets and shops (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, bandcamp). Recorded and produced with Kollo Agency, in Berlin, Germany.

- June 27th, 2015, The soundtrack to “The Birthday” – a short film (Berlin, Germany), features four songs from Miss Natasha Enquist’s debut album “MNE”, including "Iron Heart" featured in the official trailer for the film, "Summer Bird", "Unbroken Girl", and "Weltgeist". "The Birthday" was nominated at the ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival for Best Cinematography and Best Sound and Music, and has been selected for over 20 film festivals around the world.

- September 2013/October 2014, Performed in the Berlin Burlesque Festival at the historic Wintergarten Theatre (Berlin, Germany) in both 2013 and 2014.

- 2010-2011, Performance contract with Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida, USA), in the street comedy show “The Ziti Sisters” as an accordionist/performer.


- January 11th, 2018 – “Female Pressure Playlist 2018” – compilation featuring artists from the Female:Pressure network, along with “Golden Planet” from Miss Natasha Enquist’s debut album "MNE".

- January 2017 & 2018 featured in the annual female accordionist calendar project, “Accordion Babes Calendar”, as a model in the calendar and as a recording artist on the accompanying compilation CD.

- December 8th, 2017 - “Electronic Ladyland”- triphop, synthpop, and synthwave compilation featuring 28 non-binary, trans- and female identifying and cis-female artists from the Female:Pressure community, including Miss Natasha Enquist’s single “Summer Bird”.

- December 8th, 2017 – “Individuality“ is the third album from music producer Sinan Mercenk (Ideeluxe Records), featuring Electronica, Deep House, Downbeat, Soulful Music, Bossa and Synth Pop genres. Miss Natasha Enquist and Mercenk teamed up and recorded "Memory Games", inspired by the eminence, cruising nature and forgetfulness of the Berlin party scene.

- May 17th, 2017 - "The Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival Compilation" featuring 15 different accordion playing recording artists, including Miss Natasha Enquist's love song "Golden Planet” from "MNE".

- January 20th, 2017, the 40 track music compilation "A Thousand Tones" is released by Elestial Sound, showcasing new music made by women-identified, non-binary, trans feminine, trans and cis women composers from 12 countries. This compilation features an instrumental version of "Iron Heart" from "MNE".

- January 1st, 2017, the compilation "Synth Babe Records Volume 1" from Synth Babe Records, is released showcasing women in electronic music, and features the single "Weltgeist" from "MNE".

- November 27th, 2016, "In the studio: Volume 1" is released by Pebble Music, featuring the track "Weltgeist Primitive Lastelle Remix". This compilation showcases 15 artists from around the world who have recorded in Berlin, Germany with producer/engineer/musician Chris Lastelle.

- August 16th, 2016, "LGBT (Love Who You Are)" - Rona Geffen featuring Miss Natasha Enquist, Berlin, Germany.

- July 3rd, 2014, Recorded accordion on the Berlin-based comedic musical duo Sticky Biscuit's song, "Put(t)in Out", for their album, "The Sad Reasons People Go Into Particle Physics".

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