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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I've seen London, and then I was in France. Have a Merry Christmas while wearing no pants!

(More about this photo in a minute)

It was a dream to have my portrait photographed with the Eiffel Tower (a cliché, I know), and preferably with an accordion of course, and always without pants. I asked the universe, I mean the internet, for some help with this, and I went with a good ol' New Jersey boy named Mark W. Suits.
All bundled up, pre-stripey photo preparation at Trocadéro - Paris, France
I had a fun time with Mark, and what is a trip to Paris in the winter without freezing your butt off in front of a crowd of tourists while wearing striped stockings? Good thing I've done Polar Bear swims, and am used to the shock of cold weather hitting my body.

Back to the message of Christmas....


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just ask!

I moved to Berlin and Europe because I have wanted an adventure. I asked for it, and that is what I have gotten myself into :)

Over the past 2 months I have been traveling around Europe, to wherever my heart wants and needs to be. I've been craving adventure, and needing inspiration as an artist, and Europe has not let me down.

Prague, Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Autumn Leaves - London, England
London Metro - London, England (Photo by Darren Stone)
"Cabaret" - London, England
The London Eye - London, England (Photo by Darren Stone)

I traveled to Prague, Budapest, Vienna, London, Berlin for a break, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Madrid, Paris and Kraków.

My break in Berlin was much needed between travels, and also had me performing at a fabulous venue/bar/restaurant in Berlin - Bar Tausend. I highly recommend you check this place out the next time you visit Berlin. It also allowed me to celebrate my birthday in my new home city :)

La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain
La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain
My Cousin and I's portrait at Park Guell - Barcelona, Spain
Park Guell! - Barcelona, Spain
A Family Portrait - Granada, Spain
Flamenco - Granada, Spain
Alhambra - Granada, Spain
Seville, Spain
Seville, Spain
Sexy Punk Death Boots - Seville, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Voila! - Paris, France
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
The view from Sacré-Cœur - Paris, France
Sacré-Cœur Basilica - Paris, France
Chanel window display - Paris, France
My home, I mean Chanel - Paris, France
My home, I mean Chanel - Paris, France
Père Lachaise Cemetery - Paris, France
Chopin, Père Lachaise Cemetery - Paris, France
Père Noël and I - Paris, France
Café des Deux Moulin - Paris, France
Café des Deux Moulin - Paris, France
The Mona Lisa crowd, Louvre - Paris, France
Nike, Louvre - Paris, France
Moulin Rouge - Paris, France
Louvre - Paris, France
Champagne on an evening boat cruise, ooh la la - Paris, France
Paris, France
Arc de Triomphe - Paris, France
Kraków, Poland
Chuck Norris - Kraków, Poland
Schindler's Factory - Kraków, Poland
Kraków Philharmonic - Kraków, Poland
Polish children's book of the world - Kraków, Poland
Old Town Square - Kraków, Poland
Snowing and quite cold in Kraków, Poland

I have visited with very dear friends, family, loved ones, and made many new friends as well. Maybe I should have lugged my accordion along for the ride, but these travels have been purely for the benefit of having an adventure and gaining inspiration and soaking up the cities, cultures, local vibes, and getting know everyone's story along the way.

I have loved all the cities and countries I have visited, for various reasons, various adventures, and various creative sparklings, but Paris - ooh la la, Paris, was my favourite :)

I challenge you to ask the universe what you want and need, and go on an adventure with it.

Hey kids! Here's a fun collection of photographs of accordionists I've seen over the past two months:

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