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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ein Jahr

Where did the last month go? No wait! Where did the last year go?
Photo by Geno Lechner

I can certainly reflect on what a year looks like when it's spent in a new world. It feels like it was quite some time ago when I left Canada, arrived at a tranny's apartment in Berlin, and then slept for 14 hours straight from the jetlag, to living there for several months to then traveling around Europe for 2 months, to then moving into a new sublet for Christmas in Berlin, to finally getting my own place, and performing in many places and meeting so many amazing new and old friends along the way. I must say, Berlin and Europe has been such a great place for making new friends.

Photo by www.ninazimmermann.com/

Photo by www.heinrichvonschimmer.de



I have names in my phone who I don't remember (oops), and 3 journals full of secrets, a lust for Club Mate and my German has gone through several mutations since arriving.

I have to say it's still in a timid state, but it has gone from overly-confident about thinking I could just jump in and know how to speak since I studied German in University for 2.5 years, verbal exams and all - but that was 12 years ago, and along with having a German family on my Mother's side I'd say the language is in my bones. I found I understood half of what was said to me, and could hardly answer. It went from asking things in German, and getting an English answer, to then being convincing enough to getting an answer in German. It's progressed since then, to thinking in the sentence structure that German is in and even speaking in English a certain way to my German friends, to then finding it confusing to communicate in English to friends on Skype living back in Canada. To speak you English?

I would go from understanding even better to then not knowing what was going on at all. There is a certain level of bliss to not understanding the language around you though. I think we can all relate to the pain that is caused when on public transit and you hear the dumbest conversation being had between teenage girls, or baby cavemen.

What was really cool was my Mother visited me a few weeks ago, and her first language is German. I found it easier to jump in and speak with her, and the words she didn't know - since the language has grown since the days of her speaking it with our older relatives - I would know.

Some have said I should take some classes here, but I think if I've been raised by Germans, spent time and money on classes in University, and am now living in Germany - I should somehow learn through being immersed here. 

I knew after a year of being here I would want to be able to embrace the language, so that is my next step since.... I got myself a two year artist's visa!!!! WAHOO!!!!

This was such a crazy and stressful process to go through, and in the end found it to be such an easy appointment, being in and out of the office within 15 minutes. It pays to be overly prepared and stressed out, in my opinion.

I've had two visa's prior to this one, but both had been provided for me or I was given assistance. This time I was overwhelmed and scared. I had been told several horror stories of being denied and having to re-apply, and being turned away again, or others that had to result to hiring a lawyer that specifically deals with visa applications.

The night before my immigration appointment I was on Skype, chatting with my friend Camiel. She reminded me of something I had said years ago, which was that I had wished to live in Germany - to make my German Grandmother proud. This was a touching reminder from Camiel, and  I just wanted to say that I miss my friends and family back in Canada and the USA so so so so much, but that I am very happy I made the choice to move to Berlin. I love it here. It's ridiculous and sexy, and it works for me.

This year has allowed me to heal and grow from certain things, and become a stronger version of myself. I definitely have Berlin to thank for this. I love this city :)

Comic by Naomi Fearn - zuckerfisch.de

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