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Monday, April 27, 2009

No hero for me :(

Yann Tiersen is playing in Vancouver BC tonight. I found this out too late, tickets sold out, out of luck :(
I would say Yann Tiersen is one of my accordion heroes, and I may or may not be friends with him on Facebook. Plenty of imposters out there so who knows!

Had more magic show fun this weekend, accompanying the Great Giffoni on Saturday afternoon for a 7 year old's birthday party. Plenty of little kiddies with missing teeth smiling at me :)

My Romanian gypsy marching band has yet to be named still, but I'm really good at booking us gigs that don't pay....a little exposure to start us off doesn't hurt. Stay tuned to more about the band!!

An amazing performance video of Yann Tiersen, this song makes me want to run away with my true love and take on the world:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Remembering ♥

I had to do a post today. My duty as a Granddaughter :)

It is the 2nd anniversary of my Grandmother's passing today, and the day was gentle to me.

My Grandmother is connected to the Accordion for me....let's see now....

As a little girl my Mom wanted to learn to play the piano, so instead, my Grandma gave my Mother an Accordion. I still have her first one, a black Titan 12 bass baby.

From there my Mom needed a 180 bass, and during a trip down from Dawson Creek BC, my Mom and Grandma bought a cream Castelfidardo "Quagliardi" Accordion from a pawn shop (which I now have). My Mother's memory of this trip was that there was a bit of a rush with leaving Dawson Creek that morning that when finally downtown Vancouver, as my Mom was walking realised she was still wearing her house slippers.

Anyways. My Grandmother was a force of nature. She was very proud of me when I played the piano as a young girl. I have only been playing the Accordion for two years or so, and she never got to hear me play in person, she knew I was taking lessons, but my point is I know she would be very pleased and happy.

Thinking and remembering Mutti ♥

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Because I have soul!

I was tagged in these photographs today on Facebook. They're from the brief performance I did with my friend Alfons - on trumpet, at the Cambie, briefly opening for Growler.


I will be performing again for the Great Giffaldy Magician this Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to it, had a lovely time last Sunday.

I'm planning on posting a proper listing soon of all my performance dates, public and private. I realise a weeks notice isn't enough for some of you!


My Mother can back me up on this...Garfield was my favourite cartoon as a child. I had MANY Garfield books, and loved watching him on the Saturday morning cartoons on TV.

My sweet friend Amanda sent this cartoon strip along to me, I love it!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Magic Show!

Well! Being an accordionist can really add spice to your life, I recommend you start playing now!

I got a phone call at about 1:05pm today from a magician named David, who needed an accordionist to accompany his magic show for a 4 year olds birthday party, happening at 2pm!

Get ready Natasha, put some fire under your bum and get ready!

We show up at the party, gorgeous home in Vic West, waterfront property, amazing home decorated by amazing visual artists. All this for Boregard's fourth birthday.

A Speedracer theme I noticed, and a birthday cake in the shape of a Robot, sweet!

Beer, pizza, cake, lots of cute kids with face-paint, a chicken named Princess Muffin, and a magic show for me to play along to, what a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Squeeze Me - Accordion Chic Apparel - http://squeezeme.etsy.com

I am excited to announce that my Accordion clothing line, designed by yours truly -Natasha Enquist, "Squeeze Me - Accordion Chic Apparel" is now available to purchase online at Etsy!

"Squeeze Me - Accordion Chic Apparel" on Etsy at:


There is something for everyone on there! T-shirts for Men and Women, and baby too! Very yummy boxer briefs and hotshorts as well! Yeow!

If you're interested in a special order please message me here or through Etsy and I can set that up for you :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Online fun!

Oh those good ol' days in Houston...

I have a lot of fun with my Facebook photo album called "Accordingly Accordion", featuring lots of weird, interesting, and funny accordion pictures.

My "Squeeze Me - Accordion Chic Apparel" Online Etsy Shop is now in working order. I encourage you to visit it and visit it often. A selective assortment of goods are on there at the moment, more to come of course!


A couple important dates to report!

May 3rd Mario Pedone - Accordion Virtuoso, will be performing at the Victoria Edelweiss Club, 108 Niagara St at 3:30pm. Admission $15.

For more information go to the official website and register you WAD event: http://www.accordions.com/cia/cia_worldaccordionday.htm

The month of JUNE is Accordion Awareness month, there will be more posting as June approaches.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Oh dear! I haven't blogged in over a week, I got lazy once again!
No no, I didn't get lazy, I may have forgotten about you a little bit though. Oh the shame!

It's the Easter weekend! Bunnies laying chocolate eggs, it's a christmas miracle!! What???

The gig at the Cambie last weekend -opening for Growler, what a weird gig that was!
I was planned to only do 15 minutes, and so I have 3 songs prepared, play while the band set up behind me kind of thing right?
My very talented friend Alfons Fear showed up to play trumpet with me, very gracious of him. Halfway through my second song a drunk lead-singer, who shall remain nameless since I don't know his name, wanted me off the stage. So we quickly finished and left. Weird!
The response was lovely, the crowd really appreciated it and I had many people from the audience chat with me afterwards.

Rehearsals for the new band are going great! We'll be marching around you soon enough, watch out! So many great musicians are involved, and I've got us planned to do our first of many gigs June 6th at Openspace here in Victoria BC, for a show called "Wedding Party".

Friday, April 3, 2009


Growler + The Cambie + Esquimalt + Me playing

What more do you need to know!???

Okay well, you might want to know that Growler is a very serious band, and pride themselves for their Rock N Roll, and of course...debauchery!

I will be playing at 11pm, and having the time of my life!!!

This is their scary gig poster:

Earlier that day I'll be playing for a bit, in between the big band's set, happening at the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club's Open House. Come out and support everything on Saturday!

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