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Saturday, January 31, 2009

76 Subscribers!

I randomly chose to celebrate that I have 76 subscribers to my Youtube page!
I think this is quite impressive, and desperately need to update my page and put a new video up!
Here is the URL to my page:

And no, there weren't 20 "cheekyminx's" before me...it was a nickname I use online, and my birthday is November 21st, so it came together quickly from there, but I know, the username is somewhat ridiculous, but what internet persona isn't?

Subscriber to my Youtube page!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Helpful tips!

I was just sent a great website for caring for your accordion. Thank you to Mary Ross-Klektau, from the Victoria Accordion Club, for passing this along!
Here's the site: http://1accordion.net/accordion_care.htm

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year/ Trip to Vancouver!

Happy New Year 2009!!!
The New Year brought several wonderful performing opportunities for me.
I played and guest dj'd on Accordion Noir Radio, on CFRO Co-Op Radio, http://accordionnoir.org/
Rowan was a gracious host and it was great to be a guest on the show again, and be their first guest of 2009!

January 3, 2009 I played at the Little Mountain Studios along with the great line up of Ehren Salazar, and jugband of the damned...The Creaking Planks!
I played a couple of Russian tunes, and musette tunes. I was hoping to have the crowd fall in love with eachother, hopefully there was some success there.
It was my first time playing at the Little Mountain Studios, but certainly not my last! There was this fantastic large furry Monster on stage, straight out of a Jim Henson production. I was quite fond of him.

Made back to Victoria by the end of the weekend to play an art show opening for the lovely Kate Hutchins, called "Turbulence of Gusto". All of her works are beautiful and playful with colour. It was great being able to play at her opening.

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