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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!! - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

I've returned to Canada for the holidays, and am spending Christmas with family and catching up with some friends as well. The decision came quickly, and with that I was quite touched with how supportive and happy all my friends in Berlin were for me that I would see my family for Christmas. Thank you Berlin family, for wishing me well :)

Have a beautiful holiday season, full of love and schnapps!!!

xo MNE

Monday, December 9, 2013

Life these days... - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

Getting your energy, your power, your strength back after surgery is surprisingly not that easy. You think you're Superwoman, you think you're immortal, invincible, you can lift accordions over your head into the overhead compartments on airplanes, you are the Accordion Girl - Accordionista Saviourista - Saving the world with the accordion!

But these days... Wait a second... I need to sit down... I'm too tired to stand for that long... I'm going to need a stool to perch on while I play...

It's okay, it's getting better all the time. I have to be very thankful as well. My Spanish Nurse was so helpful with taking on the weight of my accordion, and getting it to my gigs with me. This made things possible since I'm without my own car, since living in Europe, and their are taxi's, but if you've got someone offering you a hand when you really need one and public transit is as convenient as it is in Berlin - you do things this way.

I had a few fun gigs over this past weekend. On Friday night I was performing at the Das Hotel. It was an intimate environment, and very welcoming. Saturday night's "Absinth Aperitif Soiree" at the Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi Berlin, was fabulous. I managed, with little effort really, to have far too much fun ;-)

This theater, where we were all performing at on Saturday, is quite special to Berlin and German cinema. The area where this theater stands was the film district in Weißensee, known as "Little Hollywood". 

Photography by Dario-Jacopo Lagana

To perform in this historic building, which has so much charm, and has only been slightly refurbished - keeping it's spirit alive and well, is a real treat for a performer in Berlin.

When you live in Berlin, you get asked the same questions when you meet new people at a party, or wherever. "Where are you from?" and "What brought you to Berlin?". The same answer is: Ich komme aus Kanada und I was needing adventure, to be inspired, but also - to connect to my roots. I feel I'm honouring my family, relatives, ancestors, by being here and using German (sometimes) and traveling and finding a connection from where my family was from. Seeing the familiarity in the faces of strangers here, to my relatives.

My German Grandmother, Meta, was the eldest of 4 siblings (Meta, Senta, Natan and Elli). She passed away in 2007, which had a huge impact on me with the direction I wanted to go with my life after that.

Back row: Aasoff - son from my Great Grandfather's previous marriage
Middle row: Meta, Hulda, Julius
Front row: Elli, Senta, Natan

Senta had passed away first, and I had only met her once in my life. She was the only sibling that stayed behind in Europe, when the other three chose to immigrate with their spouses, children, all the way to the prairies of Canada. The huge downside of her staying behind to wait for her husband, who fought in the war and then fell in love with his nurse, was she was then left alone with her children and became a prisoner of war. She was stuck in Siberia, and then in Russia for 40 years or so, until she and her family were finally able to leave Russia and move to Germany.

Then it was my Grandmother Meta, and then my Unkle Natan passed away just a few years ago. I learned late last night that my Tante Elli passed away yesterday. She was the last of this original family, which is the core of my German history from my Mother's Mother's side of the family.

I heard so many amazing stories from them during my childhood. From the beautiful life they had growing up in the Ukraine, to the heartache that was caused when Communism overthrew the government - and were forced out of their beautiful home, having to move further east, and my Great Grandfather was wrongfully imprisoned for 5 years, during which my Great Grandmother grew very ill and with no vaccines - the children had to stay away from the hospital. Not able to see either parent, and living in a Russian town and only able to speak German, they then were taken care of by my Great Grandmother's sister. After 5 years they were all together again, and returned to the Ukraine, in Katharinenthal - a German settlement once again.

The siblings married their spouses, had many children, those children having children, and so on... Stories from their early years in Canada, the adventures they all had, and mixing the stories all together between what happened over here and what happened in Canada, filled my head as a young girl.

My Tante Elli was probably the best cook and baker out of the siblings, but I didn't know my Tante Senta's cooking as I only met her once in the 90's when she was able to visit Canada for a few weeks. Elli made a lot of Slavic food, punchkins filled with poppy seeds, and borscht are the things that stand out in my mind the most, and her amazing garden - which all my relatives had and were passionate about.

My Tante Elli was super bubbly and out-going, and loved to laugh. I have great memories of her and my Grandma talking up a storm together at family gatherings, full of opinions, stories, and passion, and making us all laugh.

They grew up in Volhynia - a German settlement in the Ukraine. This explains why when I hear eastern European accents, they sound like my relatives, even though I only heard them speaking German during my childhood. Makes sense? It seems to make perfect sense to people here from the Ukraine, Poland, the former Yugoslavia, and Germany, which is really nice since it confused people when I explained this back in Canada. I was certainly named "Natasha" for a reason, and was quite tickled when the instructor of an art class I was modeling for, here in Berlin, asked if I had Slavic roots. Finally! It was becoming clear who I am, with living here in Europe.

I like being a second generation Euro-Canadian, and celebrating what my history is, because that is a big source of inspiration and identity for me. So, with knowing this, I would love to travel to the Ukraine and Sweden in 2014, since I have already made my way to Poland, Hungary in 2012, and am living in Germany.

I don't think I've told this story very clearly, I know my Grandmother's biography, and am mixing it with my Tante Elli's slightly.

I hope my family and relatives are doing okay back in Canada, during this time of loss.

Much love,

xo MNE

PLEASE NOTE: All photos (with the exception of the photo by Dario-Jacopo Lagana) are property of Miss Natasha Enquist, and not for use without permission.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upcoming gigs for the weekend...

Miss Natasha Enquist

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Das Hotel
Mariannenstraße 26a, 10999 Berlin, Germany

5€ at the door

For more information:


Absinth Aperitif Soiree: 100 Jahre Filmstadt Weißensee

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi Berlin
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin, Germany


For more information:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's my birthday and I've got a CD to go with it!

For my birthday, how about buying yourself my Sampler Album as a present?

(Cost: 5€ + 3€ shipping)

Using PayPal, your purchase includes my 5-track Sampler Album (a selection of tracks), shipping, and of course - love.

Make sure to include your shipping information!

xo Miss Natasha Enquist

p.s. If you know a friend that is interested, send them this link! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=M9WU5UEX6M7UG

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Le beaujolais nouveau arrive, along with an old friend... - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

I hope you got your tickets in time for this Thursday's party!!

I'll be celebrating my birthday, while performing at La Cocotte's "Le beaujolais nouveau arrive" event this Thursday, November 21st, 2013!

As I have been preparing for this party, I reunited with an old friend: beautiful french music. How could I have forgotten about you? I loved you deeply from the beginning. You were a HUGE reason I wanted to learn the accordion... My accordion missed you so much too. You're also a HUGE reason I got my Guerrini, for it has a lovely 'musette' setting on it. Where did you go? Where did you go...?

Well, I got swept up with many other genres, and gigs, and Disney, and accompanying people, comedic repertoire, catering to other things to learn along the way - that's where you went... You got lost in the mix. Oh how badly I wanted my own solo show in the France Pavilion at Epcot, oh how I love wearing a beret...

My heart is beating hard and fast knowing I have found this music again.  I'm not going to let you go this time!

Illustration by Silent James
Event details:

Le beaujolais nouveau arrive at La Cocotte

Thursday, November 21st, 2013 @ 18:00

La Cocotte
Vorbergstraße 10, 10823 Berlin, Germany

For more information: 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What colour is your schmerzen? - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

Photography by Philippe Deutsch

I feel like I've been punched in the uterus. Not figuratively.

I spent 4 nights in a German hospital. Wow, what an adventure.

10% of the nurses speak English, but luckily I had 2 roommates, (one at a time - I had a shared room for 2 patients) that both spoke a bit of English and helped me so much with translating.

As I was being introduced to the anesthesiologists, and they jabbed me at least 5 times to find my non-existent veins in my hands, they asked why I came to Berlin from Canada. How Canada is a place they all want to go, and "why Berlin!?". I usually get this question from people that aren't as close to the art/music/fashion scene in Berlin, and perhaps don't know what it is this city can offer.

As they began to administer the anesthetic, they told me to "Think of something nice..." as you usually are told to do. "Think about the Canadian Rockies!" he said to me, and I thought "Uhhh, no...." since that doesn't bring me any kind of peace, calmness, or happiness. He then said "Think about being somewhere nice and warm, like Florida!" and I was like "NO-AGAIN!" and thought how comical this situation was that he was suggesting places I've lived and have left, since he has no idea of my history.

So, there were 3 incisions for my laparoscopy surgery. I spare you all the details... but I had a 5cm sized tumor on my uterus removed and lost a bit of blood.

When I was waking up from my surgery, in the recovery room, I would get asked in German if I had "schmerzen" which means "to hurt" or "pain". I remember waking up and moaning and crying a bit, cradling my tummy - it hurt. I was able to say "Ich spreche ein bissen Deutsch" or something, and then I would get asked "What colour is your schmerzen? From eins to zehn?"

German nurses are great. Most acted like Mom's or good friends, and were always helpful and encouraging with any progress that was made. The German doctors were great too, very thorough and I loved how both the nurses and doctors would say my last name, "Enka-viiiiist!". I made two new friends, Martina who left after my first night, and then Andrea. Both were having cervical cancer surgery.

I had a few visitors, which was very nice, but otherwise felt so terrible that I didn't really want to be seen and sleep was my friend - except for in the middle of the night, when you're so tired of sleeping on your back and for some reason you are wide awake. Then your roommate is your friend, and you talk about anything together.

Breakfast and dinner was good, lunch was always gross. The frühstück buffet was lovely, as all food really is in Europe. Fresh rolls, croissants, meats, cheeses (not for me), apples, pears, tea, marmalade, hazelnuss creme.... mmmm :)​

​So, that's that. I can't be too active for 2 weeks, and should be great in 6 weeks. I'll most likely need and have help with having my accordion carried to any upcoming gigs for the next month, since I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting. ​The healing process feels like something new every day, and as certain pains leave, new pains begin, but I know things are only getting better.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A smile will make you younger - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

Tomorrow the dark side of the moon will be removed from my womb.

If all goes as planned, and bureaucratic administrative confusion doesn't get in the way, I will be having a tumor removed from my uterus/ovary. I wasn't expecting the admin hang-ups I did today, so there is a small chance the surgery will be delayed to clear up these details. Wish me luck!!

Leading up to this, I had a lovely 24-hours with one of my bestest buddies, Gillian. We did all that can be done with 24-hours in Berlin... beers, burgers, laundry, napping, mud-masks, packing...

After our burgers, we had Fortune cookies, and I got a similar fortune as one that I already have. I loved the previous one so much that I brought with me, from Canada, and have it posted in my kitchen. Now I have two :)

All that packing I did earlier did me a lot of good (not) as my luggage didn't arrive with me to Italy, making for a very stressful trip for me. Prescription medication, costumes, other essentials, all missing. At the same time, I was in paradise and appreciated the view as much as I could.

The stress and upset caused me to need to return to Berlin early, and to a very lovely note from my lovely friend :)

During my stressful trip, I told my buddy Victor in an email "Don't tell me some Rumi quote right now, I don't want to hear it". After my trip we were Skyping and he searched "Rumi" and "quote" and sent me the first one he found. Thanks, and I don't get it. I need a Rumi translator.

My Dad has a nice tradition of sending me poppies for Remembrance Day (November 11th in Canada). My Dad's Dad (my Grandpa) was in the Canadian Forces, and for 3 years my Father and his family lived in Westphalia, while my Grandpa was stationed in Germany. I love knowing my Dad first heard the Rolling Stones while living here. The men on my Mother's side of the family, including my passed-on Opa, all fought in the German army, so Remembrance Day is meaningful for me.

I keep having to laugh when I re-read this one line from an email of my Dad, "Good luck with your surgery, Germans can fix anything". I'm so glad this is TRUE. 

I feel I am in very good hands with these doctors. Things here in Germany are beyond thorough. I'm also feeling I'm in good hands with the friends I have here. My Berlin family makes me feel well taken care of. I'm still a ball of stress despite the support, but am trying to keep a smile through it all.

I may be without internet for a few days, while in hospital, so auf wiedersehen for now! Tschüßies!

xo MNE

Monday, November 4, 2013

"The Secret Liberation of Clothes"

I met the Berlin-based Fashion Designer Katharina Tenschert, of the label Substantielles Minimum, at an art gallery opening recently. I was quite smitten with her use of various materials of (in the designers words) "abandoned clothes and home textiles" in her designs that she was exhibiting at the opening.

We chatted, exchanged contact info, and now she is using a song of mine for her fashion video, which is debuting her latest collection "The Secret Liberation of Clothes".

My song, "Vanishing Memories", was used to soundtrack this fashion video:

Video credits:
Music by Miss Natasha Enquist: natashaenquist.com
Pictures by Tonio Mundry: toniomundry.com
Model Charlotte Iwaniuk: cciwaniuk.com

Listen to the track on SoundCloud:

Purchase the mp3 here:

xo MNE

Monday, October 28, 2013

An end of October update! - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

Today marks my 1-year and 4 months anniversary in Europe. I celebrated by eating schnitzel with two very handsome men. I basically celebrate anything with schnitzel, and handsome men, as one should.

Photo by http://frodo47.com
Frodo 47 is an amazingly talented photographer who I hunted down and said "I have to do a shoot with you! Surrender your services to meeee!". Please go worship him here: http://frodo47.com

I performed at a 1920's themed birthday party the other night. Everyone looked amazing, and it was a very fun crowd to play for. This party was complete with freshly shucked oysters and champagne - birthday parties are done right in Berlin!

On my trip to the party, I saw a group of people dressed up in a 1920's fashion in the U-Bahn. I wondered if we would all be headed to the same party. Then I noticed a woman dressed up like a witch. Ohhhh right... Hallowe'en is near, and there are probably Hallowe'en parties happening. Light bulb is now ON.

Every day is a dress-up-Hallowe'en party for a performer.

Whenever I do a gig, my Dad will say in his email "Put a fresh battery in your accordion!", since that's how it's pick-up is powered, and I'm like "Ya ya, I know...".

So, what do I do? I go to do a music festival in Cagliari, wonder why my accordion is playing through the system during the sound check, and then realize it probably could use a change of battery.

I knelt on the floor of the venue, unscrewing and opening up the guts of my accordion, with three Italian guys watching in fascination at the operation I was performing.

The battery usually lasts several months, or I'll just remove it until I'm needing my pick-up to work. I just thought I'd share that piece of information.

Two of my closest friends are not on Facebook. Gillian and Victor. I love that, and them.

Gillian will be visiting me for a full 24 hours, and then returns to North America as I leave at the same time to visit Italy again for the Lucca Comic & Games.

Victor is couch-surfing back in Canada, as he is awaiting his departure date to go travel around Southeast Asia for a few months. I find all of our travel plans interesting. Coming, going, here, there, back and forth, in and out?

I'll be performing at the Lucca Comic & Games on Friday, November 1st, and then in Torre del Greco (Naples) on Sunday, November 3rd. My demo CD will be available to purchase, and of course my saucy little buttons.

Gig details:

Lucca Comics and Games 2013

Friday, November 1st, 2013 @ 22:00

Zero Bar
Lucca, Italy

For more info:


Kingston Disco Bar

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 @ 22:00

Kingston Disco Bar
Via Purgatorio, 72 - Torre del Greco, Naples, Italy

 xo MNE

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Leaves... drift by reality - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

The autumn leaves, fall by the window, of my reality... which is everything happening at once AS USUAL!

Where to begin... Well, I celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving with schnitzel! That's always a nice alternative to turkey!

I officially love beer, I should also mention. It took me over a year and 4 months to realize this, but since moving to Germany, I am really enjoying beer. Probably because it's so damn good here. Czech beer is amazing too. If you want to drink beer that tastes like water, go to Italy. Oooooh!!! Snap! ;-)

The Festival of Lights happened again, an annual event here in Berlin, Germany. Lovely!

These mannequins are having marital problems, I hope they can work it out.

After my weekend performing in Cagliari, Italy, time has just flown by - but that is something Berlin does well. It loses your time. Time well spent of course. Visiting with friends, getting 'things' and 'stuff' done, yes.

I just finished up a few nice photo shoots with some very talented photographers. I'll post the results when the time is right.

I'll be in Italy again next week. I'm going to be performing at the Lucca Comic & Games Festival, on November 1st, and somewhere in Naples - date and location is still being determined. Go to my EVENTS page for more information!

I am now the proud owner of a Facebook Fan Page, instead of just a profile, which I had friends hounding me about for ages "Make a Fan Page! Your life will be easier!". Well, I just find that I'm already on Facebook enough, so I was being stubborn about it. Feel free to "Like" my page and keep up to date with my performance dates!

Looking for a fabulous eye-full? I thought so! Enjoy this promotional video of the First Annual Berlin Burlesque Festival, featuring "The Odd Night" performances:

And when you're finished with that video, and have caught your breath, enjoy this video of myself and my drummer, Maurizio Vitale, performing at Chantal's House of Shame just a few weeks back, on September 26th, 2013:

I'm leaving this blog entry with some HEAVY news... It's been ongoing for over a month now, since being diagnosed and sorting out the paperwork - I have to have surgery on my left ovary. I'm having a tumor removed, and hopefully none of my super human powers will be removed with it. I'm saving the world here... with the accordion, remember?

Feel free to send me good healing vibes, love and happy energy my way :)

I should have minimal scarring, but my Dad suggested I get a cute accordion tattoo to cover up the scars. Funny one, Dad!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Horse meat and flying with an accordion. What!? A blog entry. - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

I need to keep a list of things, the things that I know would surprise the kids back in Canada about Europe.

What is life like in Europe? Never boring, that's for sure, and that was a big reason for me to move here.

Aside from taking two 9-year olds to see "Monsters University" in 3D, I haven't gone to a movie in Berlin. I did see a Spanish movie in Prague, with English subtitles, what? Yup. Other than that, I haven't really gone to the movies. I hear from people about this bizarre concept of American blockbuster movies all being dubbed into German, or whichever language of whichever country you're in. These are considered "voice actors" and all have fan followings.

"Oh, so-and-so did the voice for Bruce Willis. It will be great, he's better at the voice than Bruce Willis." What!? An actors craft has a lot to do with their voice, so to have someone else be your voice in another language is so crazy to me. But, Europeans don't want subtitles, they want voices.

I get it. Meanwhile, back in Canada, I remember going to the "Foreign films" section, and renting something that did well at the Cannes Film Festival, and struggled through subtitles, and felt so dignified with my "foreign film", while drinking wine. Oooh.

Other things that I find funny and bizarre is how often I'm asked if Canadian's lock their doors. What!? Yes. Thanks to Michael Moore, we're now assumed to not lock our doors.

I confuse most about Canada. No, I don't speak French, well maybe a little bit since I had no problems when I traveled to Paris for a week. I'm not used to very cold winters since I'm from an island on the Pacific, and we get 2 weeks of snow before it melts away for good, and gets to about -5'C. I don't like to camp, and I don't really know how to ice skate.

The Chicago Bulls have a fan base here. I don't remember that team being any good, except for the period in which Michael Jordan played for them. I see more Chicago Bulls ball caps here on dudes, than any other sports team. Why!?

When I inform Europeans that Canada is the 2nd largest land mass, they're shocked. A quick flight home doesn't exist, (it's 16 hours from here), and that the island I'm from is the size of Belgium. Kinda.

I don't know what this blog is about. People tell me they like my writing. I feel more and more inhibited about what I write. I fear I'll be unprofessional, or I'll hurt people's feelings. A lot of crazy things happen to me here, but I don't tell you anything anymore.

I went and performed at the KME Music Festival in Cagliari, which is located in Sardegna. 

Photo by Gianfilippo Masserano

After my performance, I went and did what I always do, schmooze. I then realized my performance outfit was creating a stir, but I would normally just feel comfortable in it and just hang out in it. Instead, I felt very naked, and no one could really talk to me, but certainly look. I realized, "Ohhhhh.... right, this isn't Berlin".

Berlin is this fabulously jaded place, where no one really notices how crazy you are. Or at least they don't react much to the fact that you are.

I then went to go put pants on, and then thought "No way, I'm going to be myself, and I love what I'm wearing so I'm not changing for anyone!" but then I knew that I'd probably not feel comfortable at all for the rest of the night, and so I put some goddamn pants on. By pants, I mean tights, leggings, a second skin basically, because I don't like pants. I just can't wear real pants. Kein hosen :)

Something bit me, I don't know when exactly, but what wasn't there on Friday, was then there on Saturday morning when I looked at the back of my leg. Ew and owww. I ignored it and then I couldn't anymore because it throbbed and was oozing. Nice blog update I know. Pretty. Hey, at least I'm not posting photos of it.

So today I went had a female German doctor torture me, for the better, with cleaning this infection out, and now I'm relieved. Good story, and totally true.

I loved Cagliari. It was summer there. 28'C and sunny. I went to the beach, went in the Mediterranean Sea. I'm collecting oceans, seas. I grew up with the Pacific Ocean, swam in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and now the Mediterranean Sea. Lovely.

I made many new friends in Cagliari, and I also ate horse meat. I put horse meat and new friends in the same sentence. I still feel some level of guilt about eating Mr. Ed and liking it, A LOT. Oh but what ever. Let's explore the world, eat the food of the culture you're in, meet the people, party with them, otherwise you might as well stay home and watch "Breaking Bad". I haven't ever seen this show which I learned through Facebook has now ended. I'm watching this new TV series, it's called HAVING A LIFE. I love it, it's on every day.

Something I like about German doctors is how thorough they are, and with a very funny sense of humor.

As I lay on my bauch, the doctor told me to look forward and "Enjoy!" laughing as she said so.

I also experienced the gynocologist, and you can see an ultrasound of your uterus here as a part of the examination. I had mine inform me my bladder was very full, and I of course was well of aware of this fact, since I had been waiting for 30 minutes or so for her, not wanting to miss my name from being called, and didn't make use of the WC.

There's no paper gown, or paper blanket thing, it's just 'take off your pants here please'. Too much information. Do you want an update, or not? In Florida there was a TV in the patient rooms, with some movie playing with Jennifer Lopez, and a doctor telling me to return soon so we could discuss pre-natal care. What!?

My good friend Gillian visited me, well she conveniently was touring through with a band actually. This is why I love living in a metropolitan city. People keep passing through, and sometimes they're your favourite people in the world.

Seeing Gillian made my heart feel better, not realizing it wasn't feeling 100%. We hadn't seen each other in 2 years! What!?

Cagliari was such a blast and incredibly beautiful. I am still unable to properly pronounce "Cagliari", but I will say it sounds a lot like if you were saying "Calgary" (city in Alberta, Canada) while laying down with water in your mouth.

Italians are pretty awesome people in general, from my personal experience of knowing so many. While working at Walt Disney World, in the Italy Pavilion I made friends with several Italian college students that were working in the pavilion, as well as the restaurant owners. I now know more here in Berlin, and since being in Europe in general. They're very easy to beat at drinking games. I'm used to the massive steins of beer in Germany, but Italy along with Spain, serve their beer in teeny tiny glasses.

I had the pleasure of meeting many great musicians, and the highlight was seeing Karl Bartos perform. A member of Kraftwerk, this techno god performed many of my favourite Kraftwerk songs which I danced very hard to.

My accordion finally visited her homeland as well! My Guerrini "Camillo" did it, she got her own seat on RyanAir and flew to Italy next to me. The bitch took the window seat, but it's cool since it was her first time going back to Italy. Sometimes you have to make these sacrifices so that your accordion is happy.

On our return flight, she happily slept in the overhead compartment on my EasyJet flight. A life of traveling with an accordion is beginning to look much easier for me. This is good news since I will be flying to Italy again at the end of this month!

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