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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A smile will make you younger - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

Tomorrow the dark side of the moon will be removed from my womb.

If all goes as planned, and bureaucratic administrative confusion doesn't get in the way, I will be having a tumor removed from my uterus/ovary. I wasn't expecting the admin hang-ups I did today, so there is a small chance the surgery will be delayed to clear up these details. Wish me luck!!

Leading up to this, I had a lovely 24-hours with one of my bestest buddies, Gillian. We did all that can be done with 24-hours in Berlin... beers, burgers, laundry, napping, mud-masks, packing...

After our burgers, we had Fortune cookies, and I got a similar fortune as one that I already have. I loved the previous one so much that I brought with me, from Canada, and have it posted in my kitchen. Now I have two :)

All that packing I did earlier did me a lot of good (not) as my luggage didn't arrive with me to Italy, making for a very stressful trip for me. Prescription medication, costumes, other essentials, all missing. At the same time, I was in paradise and appreciated the view as much as I could.

The stress and upset caused me to need to return to Berlin early, and to a very lovely note from my lovely friend :)

During my stressful trip, I told my buddy Victor in an email "Don't tell me some Rumi quote right now, I don't want to hear it". After my trip we were Skyping and he searched "Rumi" and "quote" and sent me the first one he found. Thanks, and I don't get it. I need a Rumi translator.

My Dad has a nice tradition of sending me poppies for Remembrance Day (November 11th in Canada). My Dad's Dad (my Grandpa) was in the Canadian Forces, and for 3 years my Father and his family lived in Westphalia, while my Grandpa was stationed in Germany. I love knowing my Dad first heard the Rolling Stones while living here. The men on my Mother's side of the family, including my passed-on Opa, all fought in the German army, so Remembrance Day is meaningful for me.

I keep having to laugh when I re-read this one line from an email of my Dad, "Good luck with your surgery, Germans can fix anything". I'm so glad this is TRUE. 

I feel I am in very good hands with these doctors. Things here in Germany are beyond thorough. I'm also feeling I'm in good hands with the friends I have here. My Berlin family makes me feel well taken care of. I'm still a ball of stress despite the support, but am trying to keep a smile through it all.

I may be without internet for a few days, while in hospital, so auf wiedersehen for now! Tsch├╝├čies!

xo MNE

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