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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Leaves... drift by reality - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

The autumn leaves, fall by the window, of my reality... which is everything happening at once AS USUAL!

Where to begin... Well, I celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving with schnitzel! That's always a nice alternative to turkey!

I officially love beer, I should also mention. It took me over a year and 4 months to realize this, but since moving to Germany, I am really enjoying beer. Probably because it's so damn good here. Czech beer is amazing too. If you want to drink beer that tastes like water, go to Italy. Oooooh!!! Snap! ;-)

The Festival of Lights happened again, an annual event here in Berlin, Germany. Lovely!

These mannequins are having marital problems, I hope they can work it out.

After my weekend performing in Cagliari, Italy, time has just flown by - but that is something Berlin does well. It loses your time. Time well spent of course. Visiting with friends, getting 'things' and 'stuff' done, yes.

I just finished up a few nice photo shoots with some very talented photographers. I'll post the results when the time is right.

I'll be in Italy again next week. I'm going to be performing at the Lucca Comic & Games Festival, on November 1st, and somewhere in Naples - date and location is still being determined. Go to my EVENTS page for more information!

I am now the proud owner of a Facebook Fan Page, instead of just a profile, which I had friends hounding me about for ages "Make a Fan Page! Your life will be easier!". Well, I just find that I'm already on Facebook enough, so I was being stubborn about it. Feel free to "Like" my page and keep up to date with my performance dates!

Looking for a fabulous eye-full? I thought so! Enjoy this promotional video of the First Annual Berlin Burlesque Festival, featuring "The Odd Night" performances:

And when you're finished with that video, and have caught your breath, enjoy this video of myself and my drummer, Maurizio Vitale, performing at Chantal's House of Shame just a few weeks back, on September 26th, 2013:

I'm leaving this blog entry with some HEAVY news... It's been ongoing for over a month now, since being diagnosed and sorting out the paperwork - I have to have surgery on my left ovary. I'm having a tumor removed, and hopefully none of my super human powers will be removed with it. I'm saving the world here... with the accordion, remember?

Feel free to send me good healing vibes, love and happy energy my way :)

I should have minimal scarring, but my Dad suggested I get a cute accordion tattoo to cover up the scars. Funny one, Dad!

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