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Monday, March 26, 2012

The fun you do for friends

I was asked to perform a little number, as well as "Happy Birthday" for my dear friend Joan, at her shared birthday party this past weekend. I was delighted to be a part of this fantastic bash! Take it from me, the best way to celebrate life is by not wearing pants ;-)

The birthday girl is on my bum, and has something to say!  Photo by Joan Athey

Photo by Joan Athey
Performing for your friends is the best, especially your Art-family friends. Artists need nurturing, and so we surround ourselves with a community of fellow creativity lovers, ingenuity enablers, art supporters, inventiveness boosters, imagination sustainers, and then we partake in very fun parties!

NOTE TO SELF: I have GOT to get my act together with replacing the 9-volt battery, that gives my pick-ups their juice, BEFORE the gig! It seems pretty prehistoric that I'm plugging a 9-volt battery into my instrument, which in case you didn't know, requires dismantling the left-side of my accordion to get at it and swap it out. Packing an extra battery -check! Packing a tool kit to perform the procedure -fail! So, once again, I was blasting my bellows into a vocal mic - which works for being heard, but I'd rather utilize the pick-ups!

I danced away the night with Joan's Dad. I was amazed how well he could twirl all 5'9 of me, and there is nothing more fun then being whipped around the dance floor by a 92-year old man! You heard me! Thanks for the dance lesson, John! One, two, cha cha cha...


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