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Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

 To celebrate International Women's Day, I hung out with some ladies... in bed!


In collaboration with the "Give Peace A Chance" Art Exhibition of Gerry Deiter's famous photographs of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Bed-In For Peace" (happening at the Limelight Art Experience in the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre), myself as well as jazz vocalist Aurora Scott came in and entertained the guests of the gallery.

What does International Women's Day mean to you? Well, for me, it has me reflecting on the women in my life. There are the women that mean a lot to me, those who have inspired me, have given me strength like my late Grandmother, or my recently deceased step-Grandma, or my Grandma Helen - who is still alive and well! My Mother, my cousins, and all the fantastic, talented, brilliant, and hilarious lady friends I have.

I think about how hard we work, how we nurture, care for, show compassion and tenderness, laugh, cry, worry, forget, change our minds, get irritated, take crap, all while wearing fuzzy slippers. I think about how hard we are on each other, and how hard we are on ourselves. I think about how we share our recipes, fashion trends, music, our fears and our dreams.

I think about how modest women were at the gym in Florida, how they would go in the sauna fully clothed and here they are so free with their bodies and hold no reservation about changing in front of each other. I think about how clueless men are when they talk to me. I think about all the little girls I have met while performing, all the little "princesses" I've met, and what this world we live in has in store for them. What is 2012 like for a little girl?

I think about how every woman deserves to be told, and know, that they are truly beautiful. I think about how life can take some serious ovaries to make it through the hurdles you're thrown, and for me - I like to do it whilst wearing false eyelashes and a serious pair of heels. 

Photo by Darren Stone

Happy International Women's Day.

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