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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My LOS rant

Ohhhh Orlandooooo.... Another blog entry about you...

Why is it that ever since I have been down here I have been asked/approached with "Lady of Spain" more in my life than ever before?

I have a serious issue with this song as it represents everything that I do not stand for an a musician, accordionist and performer. Cheesy, hokey, sappy, lame American standards in music have dominated many accordionists repertoire, this I know, and this is something I dealt with less and less while performing back on the West coast of Canada.

I seem to have dropped in to some kind of poor taste black hole/twilight zone down here, where everyone is suffering from being stuck in a Consensus trance, where acapella groups, dinner/theatre shows, terrible restaurant chains, and "Lady of Spain" medleys thrive.

I had a drunk fan the other day assume we were best friends during my performance at work, only because she claimed to play the accordion as well. She attempted to hit my keyboard, hovered for a bit, and demanded "Lady of Spain" from me. It wasn't pleasant to say the least.

I love watching Lawrence Welk, and Myron Floren, but only out of irony! Those cats know how to put on a wholesome show, but that show is OVER. What is left is people still pairing together the accordion with horrible music, "All of me", "Swanee River", "Roll out the barrel"...The Golden Age of the Accordion has PASSED people! (See video):

When I posted 'No, I won't be playing "Lady of Spain" and no, please don't touch my accordion.' on my Facebook page, I got a big response from both sides of the fence. Many agreeing that this IS a bad request, to then having others post their love for "Tico, Tico" along with scores for it. What is happening here?

I end my angst-ridden rant with this:

Don't pigeonhole me.

*Note*: Miss Enquist continues to "Save the world with the Accordion" and yet refuses to play "Lady of Spain". 

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