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Friday, March 11, 2011

MAD WORLD...and what else is new!

 Ah yes, Keep Calm and Squeeze On. I'm surviving the deep South, or something like that...

Too much has happened to me over the past two weeks, it would probably do some damage if I told you, so I'll condense it to this: Bad US Doctor's visit/bigots/car breaking down/sobbing/Cirque du Soleil says 'no', again/Jesus loves you, this I don't want to know/sexual harassment/key falls off my accordion/sobbing.


I had two lovely musician friends that I made here, kidnap my poor culturally malnourished soul, take me to see the Duquesne University Tamburitzans concert in Leesburg, FL.

I was blown away by the selection of costumes, the colours and attention to detail and honouring the cultures of Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, and Poland.

There was traditional dance, singing, and live music. The accordion was a major factor in this ensemble, having two accordionists, but also a cymbalum was played, bouzoukis, and much more. What I was most impressed with was when a guy came out and played a tree. Well, it was actually an ancient flute, but it resembled a bassoon, only it was still in an organic shape, and stood far above the guys head. He also blew my mind (no pun intended) when he played a flute with no finger holes, and managed to form a triad on it.

I laughed, I cried, I bought their CD.

Find out more about the Tamburitzans here: http://www.duq.edu/tamburitzans


In other news... the creatively starved Accordion Girl has new life being breathed in to her.

This coming Monday, March 14th 2011, I will be a part of the 'BITCHES OF THE KINGDOM!:  A Sneak Peek!' Fringe fundraiser. This is a show that will be performed at this year's Orlando Fringe Festival, and is the brainchild of Dennis Giacino and Fiely Matias, aka The OOPS GUYS Comedy Troupe.

I will be singing a song, playing my accordion, at this fun 'sneak peek' night of antics.

To find out more about this show on Monday night, please visit my EVENTS page, and check out the article on "City's Best - Orlando" here:
Sneak Peek of 'Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom!'

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