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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Draw me up

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a guy, like many before him, very involved in his camera and taking photographs of "The Ziti Sisters" show. We have photographers, of all ages and degrees, come to the show and it pleases me to see that they're intrigued with us and want to capture us. What is more pleasing then to inspire a fellow artist?

This one guy continued to pull out his sketch book and draw us, and returned to every show that day. I passed along my card in hopes that he would share his work of us with us, as I have had photographers email me their shots of me as "Katia", and sure enough this brilliant illustration appeared up in my inbox the other day.

I had a great observant comment made on this picture the other day by an accordion friend on Facebook saying "I think I saw this in a Russian instructional manual from 1918. It's great."

Check out Greg Betza's work, he's a genius.

I am now collecting a little gallery of portraits, view them here: LOOK


I've been visiting an old friend - the piano. This is just a rental, but I hope to someday feel that I can settle in and have my own piano, and have a happy home for it to live in :)

Other things that are new with me: I LOVE RMR - okay, that's nothing new. I have been in love with the Rick Mercer Report for a long time now, but when you're living in the Twilight Zone you fall even harder for hilarious Canadian broadcasting. That and new work friends, along with delving deeper in to how much culture shock is too much for an accordionist to swallow.

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