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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekly update: My haircut, Bruce's Squeeze-blog, and the end...

Ah, so what is new this week in the life of an Accordionista?

Well, at the beginning of my work week -my Monday is the rest of the world's Friday- after the Ziti Sister's last set I had what I thought was some fans approach myself and the rest of the sisters for some photos with their kids. Instead it ended with "Can I take a photo of your haircut?". I wanted to say "NO WAY" but was overwhelmed and weirded out and just kind of shook my head, nodding, wanting it to be over.

I do get a lot of attention down here for my haircut, but still, c'mon people!

Bruce Triggs, of the acclaimed Accordion Noir Radio, has a blog!! I recommend you read it (after you finish reading mine of course)! I learned about his blog in his recent email informing me that he has his hands on a chemnitzer concertina.

I'll be getting a visit from my friend Victor this coming week. It will be nice to have a fellow Canadian performer at my side.

At the end of my work week I had an older woman grab my butt during a Ziti Sister's set. Unexpected, and surprising, especially because my dress is so poofy - how did she know where to grab?

Until next time! Ciao!

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