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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great moments and gifts

My gypsy band and I had an absolutely awesome time at the Victoria Pride Parade & Festival this past Sunday, July 4th 2010.


My gypsy band was more then happy to be in this parade, the best parade to be in and watch in my opinion, and we were very thankful to both the Pride Parade Coordinators and to Kabuki Kabs for having us and giving us a lift from downtown Victoria BC all the way to James Bay's Macdonald Park.


We were close to the start of the parade, creating a lot of noise and having a party - on wheels! It was such a great time!!

Next up, we arrived at Macdonald Park, where the Festival was to take place. Food vendors, merchants, kids activities and a stage for performances was all there to entertain.

A nice mention and appearance on both the Times Colonist and Vancouver Sun websites:

This day will go down as one of those amazing, memorable, extremely fun and hilarious days - all spent doing what I love to do, with fantastic people.

After the long day, I came home, cleaned myself up and cleaned my apartment a little bit too. It was during all this that I heard a familiar voice in my ear, which was my Grandmother.

She has left a big impression on my life since her passing, and I heard her say "Hello" in my ear on that early evening on Sunday. Pretty cool, touching, and beautiful. She never saw me perform the accordion, but she loved and supported my piano playing and lessons I took as a child. It was nice to remember that she's still with me ♥

xo Natasha

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