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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Enjoying my youth, and enjoying life as well....is what inspires me through life. Would you look back at yourself and regret NOT doing something? I would rather regret not having done something, then doing something I regret.

Regret is a feeling I try to avoid. I justify my actions by what my gut tells me. I rely on strong personal ethics, morals, and wanting the best - for myself and my loved ones.

I have heard a quote by Deepak Chopra, saying something along the lines of how you feel about yourself and treat yourself NOW will reflect on who you will become in 10 years from now. You, right now, are a product of how you treated yourself a decade ago.

I have heard this many times about elderly women, how they had wished they hadn't put so much energy into being self conscious, and insecure in their younger years, and that when they looked back at when they were young in age - they realized they were gorgeous, healthy, perfect the way there were, but didn't appreciate it.

LET'S AVOID THIS! Stop thinking that this or that is imperfect, and just embrace, and have a good time!

So with that, I sing, and play, wear costumes, and I carry on enjoying myself and what it is I do for a 'living'...

I may not melt faces, 'shred' or 'wank' with my solos on the accordion, but I will entertain and perform my heart out, and entertain and perform FROM my heart for you - with my accordion :)


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