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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tom Fun-Accordion Mic Quest

Last night's gig at Hermann's Jazz Club was FUN!

My gypsy band opened for The Tom Fun Orchestra, who I have been a fan of for the past year. When my gypsy band first got going, I looked into many alt-marching-orchestra band's, and was delighted when I came across The Tom Fun Orchestra. Of course I'll have a soft spot for any awesome party band that has an accordion in it, but also that they're Canadian, and have great energy that I love to see in performances, especially for my band.

I used Jill Clayton's, of The McGillicuddy's, accordion mic and amp setup. She uses one clip on mic for the keyboard, and has to be loud enough to power over Celtic punk music in the form of electric guitars, drums, and vocals. I was happy with the results, although my quest to be wireless with pick-ups inside my accordion is still there.

It was good to chat with Dave Mahilik, the Accordionist from TFO, about his setup for amplifying his Hohner. Just a mic installed to the keyboard side of his accordion, because when you're in a large band you tend to play the keys more then the bass anyways.

I still ultimately want both keyboard and bass to be mic'ed. The accordion is great as a solo instrument, and usually you support yourself with melody, rhythym and bass, but within a band you're only one of these parts, and I have to remember this and wrap my brain around the idea of being an 'orchestra' of sound, and support with bass, or texture, or leading a melody.

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