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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Great Giffoni, iMacs, Monday Mag, CROWDED HOUSE and ME!!!

This past weekend I performed with The Great Giffoni at the Mayne Island Fall Fair. It was great to check out Mayne Island, as I have never been there before, and I got the pleasure of running into my trumpet and band friend Michelle Footz!

The audience of kids were fantastic, an audience for The Great Giffoni is never less than wonderful. There was a lot of enthusiasm, screaming, and laughs. Never a dull moment!

I got a hold of my boyfriend's iMac... I could waste hours on that computer, and so I played around with it made this trippy video:


My gypsy band and I have a lot happening these days. Check out this great article on the Monday Magazine's website: http://mondaymag.com/articles/entry/boo-chan-break-throughs/

As well, we were mentioned in the same status update from Monday Magazine, as one of my FAVOURITE BAND'S EVER:  
Crowded House!!!

And.... my gypsy band's article was laid out on the same spread as Crowded House's. How neat is that?

I am seeing Crowded House after the weekend, I'm very excited.

Since I was in high school I have loved Crowded House, the Split Enz, and the music of Neil and Tim Finn. When I was 15 I saw Neil Finn in concert, and afterwards had the opportunity to meet him. 10 years later, I saw Tim Finn in concert at the first year of the Rifflandia Festival, and met him beforehand as well as hanging out with his great touring crew.

I don't usually fawn over musicians, actors, or celebrities, but these guys are my music heroes. My love for their music has left me with a very strong connection to New Zealand, where they are from. Their lyrics, harmonies, voices and instrumentation speaks to me, and I love what they do.

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