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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

R.I.P. Princess Muffin

Today's blog is in memory of Princess Muffin.

For those who don't know who Princess Muffin was, or did not have the pleasure of meeting her, she was The Great Giffoni's pet chicken/superstar hen. This chicken had so much personality, charm, and would always steal the show :)

She often appeared coming out of a flannel bag during the magic show, flapping her wings, and as expected she would plot her escape from the show all together. After eyeing out the highest point in the room, attempting to fly up to it, she would usually jump off her chair, head down the hall with a stream of giggling children following her.

Her entrance in to the magic show was always met with screams of joy and disbelief. A CHICKEN!!? NO WAY!! She would retort with clucks, and poops on the floor... how fowl! Bad-dum-bum-chhh. She was a funny bird, very vocal, and oh so sweet, letting all the children kindly pet her at the end of the magic show.

I got the news this past week that she passed away from an infection on her leg. I was also informed that Ella, her brown chicken friend, has had the hardest time with the loss, and has taken to wandering the neighbourhood.

Aside from the magic show, Princess Muffin was an avid egg layer, flower bed scratcher, watermelon snacker, neighbourhood watch dog, and would do the occasional fashion modelling on the side.

Princess Muffin shall be missed.

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