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Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's time that I announce that I am leaving Orlando, FL and returning to the west coast of Canada!

My time here in the deep South has been full of experiences, stories, characters, much professional and more extensively - personal growth.

I will miss The Ziti Sister's, and Katia (my character), but I must continue on with my adventure in "Saving the World with the Accordion" :)

Ciao, grazie, and arrivederci to the Italian Pavilion! I'll be on my way by the end of June, so please come by and see the show before then!

Thank you again Walt Disney World for this wonderful experience and opportunity!

*If you're a Female Accordionist and interested in working for WDW, I recommend getting in touch with the WDW casting team, or the Central Florida Musicians Association Union, to find out more about an audition for this position!*

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An Accordionist lost in translation... or something like that...
It isn't easy to drop yourself in to a culture that is so different from what you know. Even though I was still within North America, Florida is very far from what this west coast, Pacific Ocean loving, progressive, liberal, socialist, feminist, human rights activist, Fruit & Veggies/Pho/Bibimbop/Seaweed salad eating, arts and community loving, raised by her strong willed Eastern European relatives, Accordionista has ever seen before.

I thought a lot about my lovely Japanese friends who I had met during their time living on the west coast of Canada. They couldn't get over how no one would carry an umbrella with them, as it's always likely to rain during the fall, winter, spring and summer. They thought we all ate too much food, and they loved all the space, open areas, and didn't understand why anyone would be afraid to walk home alone at night. They'd say "Afraid of what?? There isn't anyone around!"

If you're new to Orlando, here's some things you'll need:
-Plenty of sunscreen
-A car with air conditioning!
-Rain boots!
-A can of RAID by your bedside!!

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some sad news:
My beloved Gerda passed away this past Friday morning. She was my Opa's third wife, and my step-Grandmother from as early as I can remember.

I always felt special to have my Mom's Mom, my Dad's Mom, but also, I had a Gerda. 

She was a very special person, and between her and my Opa, really influenced me in my German heritage. Visiting them every summer growing up in Edmonton, AB has left me with many great memories. She'd have little trinkets for me waiting in my room, she was full of stories, and always made you feel at home. 

She was a fabulous German cook and baker, and she and my Opa loved to have a good time. They loved German clubs, Oktoberfest, Folk festivals, German music, and most of all GERMAN FOOD. 

When I hear the music, taste the food, and go to a German club - I think of them.

Their accents and German banter echo in my mind still. My Opa passed on many years ago, and now Gerda has ventured on to the next stage. I miss her deeply, and is forever in my thoughts and heart.

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