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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Morning light, Mr. Peterman, Buckwheat, and midi giggles

You look so beautiful in the morning light.

I love the mornings here. Opening the french doors to my balcony, warm air coming in to my home. Good morning :)

My third accordion (14.5 pound black Hohner) lives in a closet, locked up, in the trailer where my dressing room is at work. I am playing the living daylights out of her.

John O'Hurley aka Mr. Peterman, walked past me at work yesterday. Not much to report, just that we all said 'hello' and he called The Ziti Sisters "...a lot of red".  And yes, our menstrual cycles are now matching up with each others - the Ziti's, not John O'Hurley and I.

Meeting Buckwheat Zydeco is way better though, especially when I watched my Mother bring him back inside of the Ambrosia Centre, from his touring van, holding each other's hands. Oh Momma.

Did I not tell you about that? Ya. My Mom and I danced it up at a Buckwheat Zydeco show last fall 2009. Afterwards my friends Aaron Watson and Alfons Fear and I chatted up some of the band members.

My Mother grew impatient about meeting Buckwheat Zydeco himself, and disappeared to then return with them holding hands and laughing together. She brought him over to me and he and I chatted about the accordion, and what I do as a performer.

He was lovely to me, and very encouraging.


Hee hee hee, check out what I consider hilarious today, and the ridiculous/shameful midi-accordion on the track:

Of course there is a part of me that wishes I had created this.

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