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Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Updates!

Happy Holidays from Florida!! - Photography by Darren Stone

So much has happened since I last updated my blog... sorry I've been absent but...well, my boyfriend arrived and it's the holidays so I've been happily preoccupied!

I finally got a car!

Her name is La Hondra, show some respect to her. Thanks.

My postcard from James Lake arrived in the mail...

Those who are close to me know that I love the written word, and I enjoy sending hand written mail, including postcards. I follow Frank Warren's "Post Secret" blog regularly, so to be on a postcard is a huge thrill for me. Thank you James!!

Here is some fantastic fan art & messages I got on Christmas Eve while performing at Epcot. They were done by a little brother and sister :)

I've worked Christmas Eve before, but never Christmas Day. It was weird, and hard to be away from my boyfriend - since he is here visiting me, but the audiences were in great spirits so the day went by easily.

Disney knows how to do Christmas, and has been doing it since the day of the American Thanksgiving, so for the real day to come and go was interesting. It felt like it was 'about time' that it happened. Being away from my family and friends was weird, but the Internet is good for keeping a close eye on each other ;-)

Check it out!
I can be heard on the latest podcast by Accordion Noir Radio. Thank you Bruce and Rowan!

Here is the link to the podcast, as well as their website: 

Arigato Takane for my cute Mr. Santa friend!

Yoi otoshi o!

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