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Thursday, March 5, 2009

March of updates

My friend Noah told me I don't update my blog nearly enough for it to be followed, I'm paraphrasing him a bit. I don't remember exactly what he said, but he did say something along the lines of never updating my blog, and that he updates his blog every other day. He does own an iPhone and works long hours in a cab, and has the constant accessibility of doing updates.
Okay, enough about that. I will try to practice blogging every other day, we'll see how March 2009 goes!

On March 1st I had the pleasure of seeing Jelena Milojevic perform at the Edelweiss Club, for the Victoria Accordion Club's members and the public.
She is classically trained Accordionist, all the way from Yugoslavia. We're nearly the same age, but not nearly on the same skill level. Something I felt right away during her performance was a bit of envy towards her and a member of the club, the same age as me-- Ivan.
Both from Eastern Europe originally, they have amazing playing abilities. These European countries Jelena and Ivan are from have schools, universities, programs, degrees, all for the accordion -something we don't really have here in North America. Sheesh!
The passion is all shared the same, and after Jelena's performance she gave a workshop for those who wished to attend.

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