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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hot accordion action

The gig lastnight came and went fast...my band was on first, not an easy task to play first to a sober room at Logan's --with the exception of that guy ordering double gin's at the bar, that could barely make out a sentence to me, at only 9:45pm.

I've done a gig at Logan's before, for their "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" night last spring. Same experience of bright lights, and having no idea if the sound is right, if the accordion is coming across, and if I'm making dreamy eyes at someone's chest.

Ah well, I had fun nonetheless, and it got Les Fleurs Briseés www.myspace.com/lesfleursbrisees out and rolling again, and we only had 5 days to prepare for our 20 minute set! "Total Vaudeville style" I said the the guys afterwards.

It just so happened I was the first of 3 accordions to be played on stage lastnight. Looked like they were all Italian, and I couldn't hear any of them! Oh well.

The night was so much fun, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it :) Thank you to the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective!


In other related news, this Accordionist - Sir N. Antonio Peruch
will be performing both today and tomorrow out in Sooke. Why Sooke Tony, why?
Anyways, I might try to check out tomorrow's performance.


Also! On March 15th, from 11-12:30 I will be playing on UVic's radio station, 101.9 FM CFUV. I'll be playing along with my accordion friends Martin and Ivan, to talk Accordion talk, play Accordion play, and promote the Accordion Club's festival in the summer.

That's all I got for today, I'll be blogging more about the radio spot as the week goes on....

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