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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

14 days into 2014 - Blog post by Miss Natasha Enquist

Well! Those holidays have come and gone... how were they for you?

I found myself having a Skype chat one evening, telling my Mother my plans to have duck with some friends of mine for Christmas dinner here in Berlin, and how I'd probably entertain those friends with my accordion. Within the next 48 hours I had a trip planned and booked, with my very savvy travel agent-guru cousin Candice, to return to my home city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for the holidays.

This was going to be my first return to Canada since I had moved to Europe almost 2 years ago.

Leading up to my departure I had an amazing gig at Chantal's House of Shame, where I achieved a goal of mine - which I will continue OF COURSE, because it's AMAZING: back-up dancers. I had back-up dancers to my Christmas set, a very cute reindeer and santa claus, natürlich!

Photo by Ingo Lamb

While in Victoria BC, I modeled for an art class, took pictures of expensive pineapples, had drinks with an ex, lunch with the weatherman, went bowling with my Grandma, had my Dad kick my Grandma and I's butts at bowling, was nearly eaten alive by a slowly deflating air mattress, discovered my Mom puts nearly EVERYTHING in the fridge or freezer, watched my brother walk uncomfortably through the living room in his new/more-fitted jeans while wearing my top hat, had a pedicure, broke my baby toe on NYE, had my mind blown away by some great story-telling at Big Bad John's, visited the breakwater and Fisherman's wharf, ate tons of amazing seafood and other meals and found that everything bothered my stomach, had really nice visits with each of my parents, had fun at Starbucks with my cousin, bonded with my cousin's wiener dog, learned a very dear friend in Berlin had passed away, and I threw together a variety show at the Copper Owl.

The variety show consisted of Laurel Collins - a hoop dancer, Dan Kahan - doing standup, The Great Giffoni - the FANTASTICO magician, Rod Peter Jr - performance art genius, and my good buddy Matt Pease jamming with me on drums.

Photo by the Copper Owl

Sketches by Noah Layne
I had such a great time with this show, and really appreciated everyone that performed, as well as the great attendance and support for it. I was able to visit with a lot of people all at once at this show.

I also appreciated Tempo Trend Music for treating me like a queen and letting me borrow a beautiful red Guerrini - fully equipped with pick-ups, which is identical to my black one I left in Berlin.

What I am most thankful for with the show I put on was the camaraderie I was able to rediscover and revisit with my friend Matt. I had forgotten that the reason I always had so much fun at gigs of my old gypsy band was because of the party that was happening with Matt. No joke, and don't mean to gush or embarrass Mr. Pease here... but I totally missed you and haven't had quite the same energy on stage with a musician as I have had with you.

Bum shot by Joan Athey
My visit back to my home city was very welcoming and healing. Much needed. I am thankful for it. I had such a nice time visiting with friends who I hadn't seen in a few/MANY years, and it's left me feeling loved. It patched up old wounds, squeezed tight the hugs I missed, and made my sides ache with laughing too hard.

In memory of my beautiful friend, Fernando Ureña Rib

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