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Monday, February 25, 2013

I have no idea what this blog is going to do next.

Did you ever read those "Choose your own adventure" books when you were little? I did, and often think of life in this philosophy.

The general concept of these series of books was that there was a written story within these pages, but at the end of certain pages or chapters there was the option to choose where the next chapter would go, and thus you would be choosing where the book's story would go and how it would end. Example: "to follow Sally through the magical forest, go to page 25 OR to see what happens if Sally turns around and joins her friends to find the hidden treasure, go to page 102". Sometimes you'd cheat and do both.

I basically find life this way, that fate or destiny is real, but having a say and a power over what happens in your life is also true. There is a story written for you, but all the chapters are up to you... only it isn't simple or as basic as that. Am I making sense?

I went through this period recently where everywhere I went everyone would ask me what my plan was, what am I going to do with my life, what is next, how old am I, do I want children, how do I make money and what do I "do". This is all very reminiscent of early memories of my German relatives conversations with me, and being asked how much money I made at my part time job when I was 18-years old, or if I had a boyfriend and then having my male second-cousin pointed out to me. Heyy, family!

I realize it's just a way of making conversation here, because Germany likes preparation and order, and when I lived in the US I was always asked how much I weighed and what/if I ate - so every country/culture has their obsession... and I might be wrong, but in Canada it's kind of seen as rude or just intrusive to ask someone their life plan, their weight, and what they do for money - the exception to this being that you know this person very well, and can ask each other these boring questions.

Then again, Canada is known for it's politeness, but I find the upfrontness here so refreshing, authentic, and humourous. I smile to myself when asked so many personal questions, because it reminds me of family and a lot of who I am, but when that erk in your stomach goes off because it's too personal, that's when I have to take a step back.

I'm not trying to complain here, but this brings up my entire philosophy of life and that I spent the past 10 years being pretty stressed out. I wasn't like my laid-back west coast Canadian environment at all. I am now taking life as it goes, not planning too much ahead, remembering to breathe, be released of reasons to be uptight and high-strung, enjoy life and relax. You could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Not to say that I don't have long lists of life goals, personal goals and career goals, and am a very driven Accordionista. Having something to aim for, work on, strive to be is not the same as planning to me. Go ahead and argue that point if you want.

Now over the slump of being shocked by these questions, I am back to being my frustratingly vague/adventurous bliss-following self :)

Random thought: I finally can hear a Canadian accent. I developed an ear for it while traveling around during those recent two months of adventure. I can hear it, it's not the McKenzie Brother sound, although I sometimes hear the 'boot' in 'about' from certain Canadians. Another distinction is Canadians have filthy mouths. They swear a lot, like at unnecessary moments in conversation, and then will randomly throw in a Canadian fake swear word, "Fricken' ", even after they'd dropped an F-bomb.

I just felt like telling you this. Canada, you need to use your vocabulary.

Holy FRICK! It's Martin Gore with an accordion!! WHAT!!!?!
#omg #ILOVEDEPECHEMODE #marrymemartin

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