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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!!!


A quick blog as the year turns anew:

2012 was quite eventful for me, but I am really looking forward to 2013. Life is always interesting when an accordion is leading the way...

What I take with me from 2012 is the memory of my incredible friend that passed away this year, Douwe. He was an amazing person, and I find inspiration with remembering all that he was. The sky is shining brighter down on us because of him.

I will remember the moment in which I met the great Canadian children's entertainer Mr. Fred Penner, who then asked me to perform with him on stage. Oh... how my heart melts when I look at these photos of the moment we said "Hello".

Having to say good bye to all my friends, family and loved ones as I embarked on a move across the Atlantic Ocean was very hard, and now I am making more friends here and spreading my wings in a new world. Getting to know Europe, and finding out that I'm pretty good at traveling, and that I feel "at home" here confirms what I had been sensing for many years.

Having the love and support from them all means the world to me. They should be happy to know that my being here is feeding my creative soul and is pushing my desires forward - which I so desperately needed for myself :)

Getting to see so many incredible cities and countries, and performances, music, art; soaking it allllll up! Wow!

Sigh.... :)

So here's to a New Year!
Wishing you all love, health, happiness and bliss, and to do it all fearlessly and fabulously!

With love, from Berlin :)
xo Miss Natasha Enquist

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