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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My first real day in Vienna (as I got in late the night before things really began) was filled  head-to-toe with culture. It started with going to the Stephensdom for Sunday Mass, and to meet with my Opera singer friend Kathryn, who is also from Victoria BC, Canada.

Kathryn, just so happens to sing in the Stephensdom choir. Take notice of the curly redheaded babe just off to the center right here:

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my lunch, *the* WEINER SCHNITZEL!!!

Weiner Schnitzel in Wein? Okay!

I then visited the Upper Belvedere where I was able to gaze deeply at Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss". Absolutely exquisite to be able to see in the flesh a painting I have always adored.

I then went and met with Kathryn at the Vienna State Opera to see a ballet review of Balanchine, Neumeier & Robbins.

For only 3 euros we got to enjoy this spectacular show from up in the gallery. We were high up, and I can't imagine seeing it any other way. The view from there was the perfect way to see all the choreography and shapes that these wonderful dancers were creating.

My third day was spent at the Leopold Museum. Did I have a nice time at the Leopold Museum? Yes, I had a nice time at the Leopold Museum :D

I really enjoyed these cats, and I like to think I helped get the dance party started for this band.

Kathryn and I met for my dinner in Vienna, and went to this great old tavern called Zwölf Apostelkeller.

More Weiner Schnitzel? Why not!

Our new friends :)

And of course, I got to play a few tunes for the boys, and the people in the restaurant - fulfilling my desire to play the accordion in the cities I visited.

Playing someone else's accordion can be a challenge. The straps are usually too loose on me, and so this gentleman kindly held the straps tight to my back for me. A very nice squeezebox too, I loved it's sound.

And then Kathryn blew everyone's mind :)

I love being out with talented friends, performers and artists alike. You never know what is going to happen when we join forces. Visiting with Kathryn was awesome, and I really appreciated being able to stay with her. I like getting that local experience, living in the communities of a city and seeing a place from that point of view. It was also nice to see a friend, as we're both on a journey over here in Europe in regards to our careers and creative souls. Thank you, lovely Kathryn!!

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