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Monday, September 17, 2012


The summer months have come to an end, and chapters have started, ended, and begun again. It is kind of a strange to feel the weather cool off here in Berlin, and realize that the dream-world of summer is disappearing and new season is taking hold.

My darling cousin Candice got married to her James, and I was the most excited Skype guest there!

I'm so glad I could be there via Skype, and a big THANK YOU to Darren for beaming me in from the future :)

I learned just over a month ago now, that a very dear friend of mine had suddenly passed away. This left me deeply heartbroken. But now the sky has a new bright star shining down on us.

This past weekend there was a celebration of life ceremony to be held back in my home town of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for my late friend Douwe. A friend from Victoria lives here - Lisa, and we were both friends with Douwe. Together we were able to have a Berliner celebration of life ceremony. We released a handful of colorful balloons into the sky, with the help of her boyfriend David. 

Buying balloons in Berlin was far from easy. There's always a language barrier, and then finding something somewhat central that you can get to via the subway or bus, AND THEN I've learned that helium is a valuable resource that is becoming limited! What!?

If you want to get organic food, you go to the organic food market. If you want medicine, you go to the medicine store - the Apotheke. If you want balloons, you go to a balloon shop! I called up my angel friend, Thomas, and we drove in his little car to go on a balloon adventure!

Lisa, David and I took our balloons and went to the Tempelhof Airport grounds, and released our balloons into outer space. Tears, joy, hugs, sparklers, sidewalk chalk, more tears and hugs...

Back in Victoria BC, the same was done with a much larger group of loving friends, with many more wonderful balloons.

Because of this past weekend, I will forever see a wonderful friend whenever a balloon floats by :)

I'm enjoying the area of Berlin I live in, Schöneberg, and all the great new friends that live here :)

I get together on a regular basis with creative beings of all kinds. To collaborate with, musically, or for modeling work for artists, or to just talk things out with and share ideas.

What a summer it has been here in Berlin! Getting to know the city, making tons of new friends, figuring out German, time zone correspondence back to Canada, and being a part of/making loads of art. Trips are coming up; an adventure to Münich is happening very soon.

Bring on the next season!


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