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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lions, and chickens, and rabbits, OH MY!

I recently went on a mini road-trip with The Great Giffoni Magic Show. We were invited to perform at the Mayne Inn for the Lion's Club members, on Mayne Island.

I definitely get claustrophobic while living on Vancouver Island. It's a sublime location, a sustainable, blissful, naturally beautiful place, but sometimes you feel a strong pull to get off the island. What do you do? You say to yourself, "I've got to get off this island! ...to another, smaller island!!"

I piled my belongings into the Giffoni-mobile, and who did I find behind me? Some fowl backseat drivers! Bwah haha! 

The bunny rabbit was there too, but kept pretty quiet. You know they're behind you, you can smell them. The Rooster needed to come along for the trip because 1. he loves being on the open road, and 2. he crows every morning, and leaving him at home (without the Giffoni to quiet him) would have been cruel to the neighbors.

We arrived at the Mayne Inn, got situated, and set up for the show. Well, The Great Giffoni set up for the show, as all I need to do is whip out my accordion. The show time came, and the audience at this Lion's party was fantastic! They were ready for us, they wanted to be entertained, and entertain is what the magic show does best!

We each had our own billet for the night, and I was treated to the Fernhill Bed & Breakfast. My room, the Cinnamon Fern room, was Moroccan inspired and left me feeling like a princess. I felt like I was sleeping in a bedroom from a storybook, a cross between what Princess Jasmine and Snow White would call home.

My pictures don't do the room or the property justice. It was a beautiful location, and an incredible landscape. Interesting factoid: the previous owner of this place was Raffi! Sorry Raffi, my children's entertainer adoration is reserved for Mr. Fred Penner :)

The owners of the b&b were so kind and generous to have me, and invited myself and The Great Giffoni for breakfast. Deliciously recommended! It was entertaining for me to arrive in the main house for breakfast, and meet with the other guests of the b&b and have them be bewildered to find out a magician and an accordionist were joining them for breakfast.

I've been to quite a few of the Gulf Islands over the past 5 years, and like small towns, these islands have a unique charm to each of them. My favorites would have to be Pender, Hornby, and now Mayne Island.

Meanwhile, the magic doesn't stop there! The Great Giffoni and I are performing at this weekend's 17th Annual FernFest. This is not to be missed as it will be my last performance in Victoria, British Columbia for some time. If you're in the area come on down to the Fernwood Square for our show on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 at 3pm!!!

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