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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last night, at the Superior Cafe...


Good times at the Superior Cafe, as always! Everyone was there, you know... my Dad, my cousin and her fiance, the dude from the gym, over a dozen lovely fantastic friends, the two men visiting from San Fransisco (who I swore I had met before but couldn't remember their names, but actually had never met them before in my life). Does this ever happen to you? It's happening to me more and more.

There were many new faces as well, and with a full house, they were all a pleasure to perform for.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is awesome. I love the decor, I feel right at home playing in there, and the staff of the Superior Cafe are so welcoming and nice to hang out with - not to mention all looked great in their suspenders :)

The food is scrumptious, and the fun going on in this place shows in the guests of the restaurant. A happy mood is happening inside the Superior Cafe.

I had some fun technical figuring-outings... I have no idea how to turn on an amp, and plug my patch cable in, without blowing everyone's ears out. Someone tell me how, although the amp was a rental and I don't have to bother with it for a while now. So that's always fun. I know the sound is about to come, but no one else does, so it is *a bit* of a surprise to everyone. Oops :S

I don't sell CD's at my gigs, I sell my underwear (hot shorts & boxers), and ohhhh did they sell!! There's always some good button slinging too. Everyone needs a saucy Accordion Girl button! Ah, but yes, I will have my music available for download verrrry soon! Check back with me!

Why yes, this is my Donna Summer outfit! Thank you for asking.

You like?

Never underestimate the power of DISCO!

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