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Saturday, January 7, 2012

How many is enough?

That's simple... ONE MORE!

I have had more than this, and there's still one hanging out at my Momma's place, but isn't this a nice shelf set up? I wouldn't recommend standing near this when there's a quake, you'll get a bad bonk on the head. Actually, an accordion could flatten you. Yikes.

They all have a purpose, a need, a desire. They're all important. They all are played at certain times, for certain moments, for certain songs, that's for certain.

The sweetie on the middle shelf, on the right, is the most tired of them all.

I was talking about her the other day, and she was listening, how she had the life squeezed out of her while in Orlando, and I now feel as though she deserves a good rest on the shelf - and wear an invisible combat badge of honour. She cranked out 1200 Italian tunes, had a key knocked off of her, and the wax inside her managed not to melt - although she sounded like it (ohhhh dear), so let's let her be. Wait! Is letting her collect dust a good idea? No! She'll have her moment of glory soon enough! I mean, she DID meet Mickey Mouse after all ;-)

Meanwhile, the red darling up top is getting a lot of play these days. Boy, could I have used her down in Orlando!! Of course I looked, but there wasn't much to be found. I discovered her by luck back here in Canada, and she has been a very good companion over the last 5 months. Simple tunes are accomplished on her, and sometimes all you need is something simple!

Yes, there's more I haven't talked about here. Have patience! Stories about my accordions are revealed slowly. I am slowly peeling the onion.

Accordions carry stories with them, they have a legacy of travelling through time. From when they were first purchased, to going in and out of style at one time or another, quietly waiting for you in Grandpa's attic, being picked up at a yard sale, travelling to other countries, being played for hundreds - if not thousands - of people. The melodies that came out, the buttons that broke, the bellows that were damaged, but most importantly - the hearts that were mended. ❤

They are all precious to me. There have been ones that have come and gone, as there are ones that only need to be in your life for short periods - and then you pass them along to someone who needs one. I can't imagine how some of you sleep at night without having an accordion in your home!

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