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Monday, December 5, 2011

And what a weekend it was...


This past weekend kicked off the Christmas season for me. There was a magic show, with The Great Giffoni, I watched a performance of "The Nutcracker" which was an extremely wonderful feast for the eyes. I jumped over to a staff Christmas party, photographed an intimate wedding at a bed and breakfast, and then a fun night of performing in This is Twisted Theatre!

"This is Twisted Theatre is a new, forward thinking collaborative theatre company, here in Victoria BC! Fresh performances brought to you on the first Sunday of every month, This is Twisted Theatre guarantees a mix of locally written and produced comedic, dramatic, avant garde, but most of all entertaining theatre. The audience will have the pleasure of seeing a variety of mini plays, which carry on as a series on to the following months. This approach was created to allow young or developing playwrights the opportunity to incubate their ideas, and have an audience experience evolving story-lines from month to month!"

Find This is Twisted Theatre on Facebook and Twitter!

I got some personal enjoyment out of it by, once again, telling the world about how people can't spell ACCORDION... but also I had a great time with the cast, everyone was a pleasure to work with! Thank you for having me, This is Twisted Theatre!

What's up next: Entertaining children with holiday stories and sing-a-longs!

A few things I wanted to share:

I love the spirit in this song, and wanted to extend it to you, along with this list of "50 lessons I wish I had learned earlier". It's your life, follow your bliss :)

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