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Monday, September 19, 2011

Follow your bliss

Since returning to the west coast I have been a part of so many fantastic events, visits with friends, and much needed relaxation :)

Children make great audiences, and even better party-ers and dancers! Big smiles, dancing, giggles, happy places.

Last weekend was a blast with being decked out with glo, and twinkling lights. It was one of those end of summer nights where it was still warm out, the sun was going down just enough, a happy mood was in the air, kids were frolicking with their personally handmade lanterns, and families were wandering around the lantern installations together - which the good people at Luminara had decorated Lambrick park with, creating a magical experience for everyone.

A big THANK YOU again to ICA Victoria and the Moon Festival Lantern Celebration for having me!

Lately, I've been having many conversations about doing what you love to do in life. Finding your happiness, and following your bliss. 
The life as an artist is tricky. You need plenty of support, room for the creativity to flow, and not having the envy of others seep in. What ever your work is, have passion. Do what you love, and the money will come.

Separate the wheat from the chaff. This is vital for me, I've mistakenly spent time around those who didn't wish me well - but realizing this is half the battle! Being a cheerleader for others, and surrounding yourself with life-enriching people gives you so much strength - perhaps giving you the power to save the world, with the accordion!

This is my mantra right now:

I visited some friends in Vancouver this past weekend, and revisited some old acquaintances from my fashion design business days. For 7 years I had a full time fashion line, called "Aspekt Clothing & Design", but my life goals had changed and my passions redirected me.

I met up with a fashion designer friend of mine, caught up, grabbed a bite to eat and checked out a retail show together. It was great to see everyone I used to spend a lot of time around, it didn't seem that long ago - but it's always a shock to see how much you have changed just within a few years!

I still love fashion, probably more now than ever, and use my abilities to create my own costumes, style photo shoots, and help local theatre companies build costumes as well. Performance and other art forms have taken over my life, and I'm grateful. The rewards I have experienced since becoming a performer are bigger than I could have imagined possible. What my fashion business taught me so much about how to be a young entrepreneur. I keep these lessons safely tucked away, they are very valuable to me.

I've blogged about this several times before, but I'll mention this again... I am often asked why "Camillo" is on my Italian Guerrini accordion. My favourite accordion in my collection, was purchased in stock amounts for the Canadian Accordion Institute Limited. Bob DeCamillis was at the head of this, and when ordering the Guerrini's he was able to specialize them with putting any name on them, and so he had "Camillo" put on to the accordions.

If you keep your eyes open you'll see these Guerrini "Camillo" accordions in black, white, and red bodies with complimentary bellows.

I was recently given some sad news that Bob DeCamillis had passed away. I was lucky enough to have met Bob several years back, he loved my accordion merchandise, and wanted to buy my Guerrini "Camillo" from me. It wasn't for sale, I love it too much and kindly declined his offer.

Rest in peace Mr. DeCamillis, and know that my "Camillo" belongs to a good home :)

Let's end this blog entry with a celebration!

It's Lisa's (my friend and cast mate from "The Ziti Sisters" at Walt Disney World) birthday!

Love my video, Lisa. Love it.

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