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Friday, June 24, 2011


Nashville, Tennessee – The Music City!

A cultural explosion happened to me!

 The architecture, the friendly down-to-earth hospitality, American history, THE MUSIC HISTORY, the cowboy boots and rocker style, and of course the MUSIC SCENE!

I took up the offer from my accordion friend Bob, who said I should visit Nashville if I was ever to pass through this part of the country. Am I glad I stopped by!

My first official day and evening in the Music City was amazing. My friend Bob invited my boyfriend Darren and I out to the Station Inn to check out The Time Jumpers weekly Monday night gig. 

Bob Colvert and I

The Time Jumpers are a fantastic mix of traditional country swing along with several original tunes written by many of the bands members. This was a real treat for the senses for the pedigree and quality of the musicians on stage was astounding. These musicians were the real thing, major league players, ninjas in their own right.

With 11 musicians on stage, every player had a past with performing at the Grand Ole Opry, most were or are session players, their musicianship was smooth, and all were humble, friendly and awesome.

The story goes that the band began with several of these musicians jamming backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, to which then they knew the Station Inn had an open mic night on Mondays. They took the jamming ensemble to the open mic, more members joined the band and the rest is history.

The Time Jumpers

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Taylor, the accordionist in The Time Jumpers, who also performs with Elvis Costello, The Sugarcanes, Ricky Skaggs, The Chieftans - to name a few.

He showed me his gorgeous new accordion, purchased in Castelfidardo - Italy, and let me take it for a spin as well. 

Jeff Taylor and myself - playing around with his new accordion

Some of the other musicians I met included Vince Gill, Paul Franklin, Andy Reiss, Ranger Doug, Dennis Crouch, Kenny Sears…

Vince Gill and I
Ranger Doug and I

One thing that stood out the most was the camaraderie between the musicians on stage. They all seemed to be having a great time, being there and with each other. What more could you ask for then to be playing music you love amongst your friends? I couldn’t help but sit there watching them with a smile on my face.

A big THANK YOU to my friend Bob who showed Darren and I such a great time while we were in Nashville, and introduced me to the Station Inn, The Time Jumpers and his lovely family. You the man, Bob!


Yes, of course I went to check out the Grand Ole Opry! Yes, of course I got there too late and the tours were sold out for the day!

What does one do when one misses out on the Opry house? You go to the Willie Nelson General Store! (Formally known as the "Willie Nelson and Friends Museum and General Store")



Nashville is a beautiful city, which has so much charm they call it a big town. The flora and fauna accents the multi-coloured brick buildings, old signs, delicious restaurants, and the music and Tennessee twang blows through the air.

The children are polite, the women are ladies, and the men are gentlemen.  Together, they live up to their reputation of being friendly, kind and sincere. The area I stayed in, Vanderbilt, had so many recording studios and music writing guilds, groups and foundations. With the combination of the friendliness, natural beauty, endless cowboy boot style - I can see why musicians would want to be here.

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