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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the Accordionist's Corner

The Accordionist's Corner
I have a treasured corner in my apartment. Two out of three of my accordions that are down here in Orlando with me live in it, and my growing gallery as well.

I received a print of the portrait Jeff Felker painted of me. I am so honoured and touched that he did this. He's extremely talented, and I recommend you check out his portfolio immediately: http://studiologica.com/

“silently to and from the heave of the water” - 30x24 oil on canvas 2010

I've been doing a lot more photography these days. I am loving it.

My cast mate/friend Heather and I did a shoot this past week, and I am very pleased with the results.

It's been 7 days since my boyfriend left to return to Canada, leaving me in this strange world the locals call "Orlando". The deep South is America at an extreme. I am surrounded by paranoid, stay inside the lines, do what your told, corporation following, big box store consumerists - who are the worst drivers I have ever experienced, and yes I have been to Montreal ;-)

It's cool though. I have a great job, and am getting to know this city as the days go on. Finding the areas, that once you cross you realize there are many pockets to this city where the people never even breathe in the Mickey Mouse air. They don't work for an amusement park, and their jobs do not rely on tourism. Very similar to Victoria, BC (tourism versus everything else).

For awhile there I felt like a ghost when I would view my Victoria friend's Facebook profiles. My Dad described a similar feeling of when he returned to his hometown in Winnipeg after he and his family were stationed (through my Grandfather, who was in the Canadian Military) in Germany for 3 years.

A good friend of mine, who moved to Toronto, ON about 4 years ago, had this chat with me about how people in Victoria seem to write you off the minute you move away. What is with you Slacktoria? Are the lentil bean cakes getting to you? Is it raining again? How's that blue bridge holding up? I heard it snowed 1 cm, and you could see it on the hood of your cars if you looked at it from the right angle...

Oh well. The ghostly feeling has disappeared, and perhaps it's like losing your cell phone: you get the numbers back from those dearest to you, and all the rest just float away to the deserted address book island.

It is nice to hear and talk with more people now, who are scattered all over the globe, then ever before! Sincerity, loyalty and integrity is what I appreciate in friendships the most, and being able to tell me a very dirty joke.

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