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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Planet Florida

Accordion Girl is an alien. She has landed on a planet, completely new to her, and nothing like what she has seen before. This planet is Florida, Orlando to be precise.

It's a new experience every day that I am here, and 'adjusting' is the word I use the most.

I love my Guerrini "Camillo", but I asked my lovely boyfriend to ship my lighter weight Hohner over to me, only to find something has become loose within it and half the keys on the keyboard are not producing sound anymore, and only releasing air when played. SACRE BLEU!

What is Accordion Girl to do!!? Well, I have called upon my trusted accordion friends from around the globe, and asked them what their advice is on this problem!

 It looks like I'll need to find some pliers, a tiny screwdriver, and a hammer... Some exciting surgery will take place soon enough to repair whatever has come loose. I believe it is the reed boxes that have come loose from being in transit, and as securely packaged as it was... 'Panada Cost' probably threw it around the trucks during it's shipment.

Ah well, I needed something new to stress out about, right?

Meanwhile, I'm surrounded by new bugs, plants, geckos, armadillos, bobcats, vultures, and have yet to meet an alligator. Who doesn't want to meet an alligator? The heat is bearable, I love it actually, but I haven't experienced the summers here yet. I have been warned about them by the locals. Otherwise, hanging out by the pool, basking in the sunshine, and BBQing in October is sublime.

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