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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What inspires you? For me, it is family.

I hadn't played a musical instrument for 11 years. I played classical piano as a child, for 7 years with the Canadian Conservatory of Music...and then stopped.

In my early 20's I agreed to go with my Mom in joining Daniel Lapp's "Joy of Life Choir". It was here that I remembered that I loved making music, and that singing was such a great release.

During the winter of 2006 I was in my family's storage room and found my Mom's accordions (12 bass and 120 bass). After being in Daniel Lapp's choir for a couple of years, I decided then that I needed more music in my life, and having a piano in my home wasn't realistic, but the accordion - well, that goes anywhere!! :)

On both my Mother's and Father's sides there have been musicians, conductors, composers, several accordion players, and I think (if the rumours are true) a distant relative was in the orchestra on the Titanic...but don't quote me!

With all these musicians in my ancestry why not continue the music thread!? So, in 2007 I began taking accordion lessons, and picked it up very quickly, like riding a bike. I felt like I was honouring my Mother, and my Grandmother, and my family in general - for supporting me during my childhood with all those piano lessons!

My Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) was always very proud of me, and loved that I played the piano when I was young. I'm not sure if she was aware that I began taking accordion lessons, but I know she would be pleased.

This blog entry is in memory of my Grandmother, Meta Pfluger, who passed away 3 years ago this Friday, April 23rd. She was very strong, caring, loving, and supportive of me. I feel a deep sense of pride seeing how quickly I have come within my performance and musical work. At the time of her death I hadn't even stepped on a stage with my accordion yet. A lot has happened during these past 3 years, and I will be thinking of her while I am performing this Saturday night, April 24th 2010, at the FolkWest Fundraiser.

I spent a good 7 years devoted to a small business in Fashion Design, and continue to be a creative professional, but there is nothing more satisfying for me then making music, with friends, and performing for people and brightening their day. The past 3 years have been testing and difficult on a personal level, but am I ever grateful for diving into the performance world of theatre and music.

I relate this to my Grandmother because I know she would be very pleased. The best part of performing -for me- is having my family and friends come out and support me at my shows. Thank you to each of you. Love, Natasha

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