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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The cure for the common cold

I've been neglecting my blog!!! Again!!! Good thing I have this cold so I can have some down time and finally write an update. I'm not suffering, but I do have Kleenex stuffed up my nose!

Sorry about that folks! My computer went nutto on me, and is still in the shop, but I've got my hands on a laptop now, which is becoming quite nice to use, and I just might have to keep it since I can now use it anywhere!

So much has happened over the past 2-3 weeks. I performed at an Olympic/community celebration gig, the "Livingcolours" event, which took place on February 12th in Centennial Square, here in Victoria BC.

Photo by Darren Stone c/o Victoria Times Colonist

Yes :) That's right :) I had my own umbrella girl!! Why haven't I thought of this before? Koh! You're hired for every outdoor event! I no longer will have to worry about my accordion being caught in the rain!

Valentine's Day crept up on Victoria, and my friend Camiel Pell and I were hired by the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) to celebrate this day of love by singing and playing love songs to the public. Kind of like 'love song' caroling. I have no photos to show you, but we met many travellers who did take our picture. Look for us in your Dad's slide show!

Something I can show you is THIS!

It's not showing me playing the accordion, but it's a nice view into my "other" work ;-)
Smitten Kitten Elvis Pants had a great time with doing up a Valentine's Day episode. Enjoy!

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