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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top 10 Performance Moments of 2009

Here is my Top 10 moments of 2009 in being a musician and performer:

10. Although I was told to get off the stage, I did do a brief 3 song set at the Cambie, opening for Growler. I got decked out in my Lederhosen and had my trumpet playing friend, Alfons Fear, accompany me. It was one of the most random and out-of-place gigs I've ever done, but I had such a nice response from the audience. Several people graciously came up to Alfons and I to compliment and thank us for playing.

9. I was hired by two lovely Realtors, Ian Heath and Marilyn Ball, to perform at an open house they were hosting, and play in the middle of the lawn, on a sunny afternoon. I really enjoyed the interactions I had with people who were coming and going to see the house, especially one elderly woman -who was a nearby neighbour of the house that was up for sale.

8. The private recital I performed at out in Mill Bay with the Violinist - Pablo Diemecke. His talent is astounding to me, and I was honoured to play for and with him.

7. "Start Making Sense" -a fundraiser night for the Fifty fifty Arts Collective. This show was a Talking Heads/Joy Division tribute night. It was so much fun.

6. Playing a 30-minute set at the Victoria Accordion Festival. Who doesn't wear a fur hat in June?

5. Playing the accordion up in Tofino BC, on the beach, with a view of the powerful waves, in the middle of winter? AWESOME.

4. Having "The Great Giffoni" cold call me up to see if I could accompany him whilst he performed his magic act for a 7-year old's birthday party. Since then we've performed many a birthday party, for all ages, opened for bands at Logan's Tavern, as well do a fundraiser at the Openspace Gallery, here in Victoria BC.

3. Alix Goolden Hall with my gypsy band, MeatDraw, Gentleman Reg, and The Hidden Cameras. Playing with my gypsy band, in the Alix Goolden Hall, was fantastic. I am a huge fan of Gentleman Reg, and pairing up with MeatDraw as well as singing in the choir for The Hidden Cameras was a blast.

2. "Small World" - a music night at the Openspace Gallery, held by the Antimatter Film Festival. I did a 3 song set with Alex Cooper. It was an amazing performance for both of us.

1. Luminara Lantern Festival - it is very hard to describe how amazing this night was. It was seriously one of the best moments of my life.


Runners up:
-"Chocolate Give", being hired by the Downtown Victoria Business Association to promote Valentine's Day and shopping in downtown Victoria, and playing love songs with my friend Amanda Lisman, was pretty memorable.
-"Rock Lottery", held at Logan's Tavern and put on by the Fifty fifty Arts Collective. It was through this event that I met my now great friend/performance buddy Alex Cooper
-Performing at Logan's Tavern for the Camas Bookstore's Fundraiser.
-The Olive Grove's 10th Anniversary in their new location. Performing two 30-minute sets, playing the most mind-boggling Greek music.

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