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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It is May 6th! You know what the means....
World Accordion Day


Celebrate however you can!

My recommendations in "How to celebrate World Accordion Day"are:

-Play one (you saw that one coming I'm sure)

-Watch and listen to someone else play one (a live performance preferably)

-Listen to any of the following (just a list of some of my personal favourites, they're all so talented and beautiful in their own great ways):

Alexander Korbakov, Myron Floren, Yann Tiersen, Mario Pedone, Beirut, Anouar Brahem, David P. Smith, Geoff Berner, Jeffrey Bützer, Gotan Project, Patrick Watson, Something About Reptiles, The Creaking Planks, Taraf de Haidouks, The Tiger Lillies, Shantel, Lhasa De Sela, Slavic Soul Party, Kočani Orkestar, Frankie Yankovic, Canada's Polka King - Walter Ostanek, The Tyrolean Mountain Boys, Max Eric Trio, Michel Legrand and his Orchestra, Main Squeeze Orchestra (a band I wish I was in), my bands: Les Fleurs Brisées & The Story Dolls...that's probably enough for now :)

-Check out what World Accordion Day means: May 6th

-Find out how an accordion works, is made, the history behind it: here and here

-Wear some Accordion gear! Squeeze Me - Accordion Chic Apparel

-Listen to some Accordion on the Radio! Accordion Noir Radio

-Join an Accordion Club! Accordion Club Billboard

-Tell a stupid Accordion joke: Stupid Accordion Jokes

-Check out some fun Accordion pictures: Accordion pics


Unfortunately it is grey outside today, otherwise I would be out busking, and spreading the love ♥ I will have to stay inside where it is dry and wake up the neighbours :)

Thanks to my Momma for learning the accordion as a child, and keeping her accordions around, putting me in 7 years of piano lessons so I could then rebel and not play it for 11 years to then find our accordions in storage and realise I needed more music in my life!

Have a happy day everyone!


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