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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Story Dolls

The Story Dolls

The Story Dolls are:
Gertrüd and Hildegärd

Gertrüd: Clarinet, Vocals
Hildegärd: Accordion, Vocals

Gertrüd and Hildegärd have travelled far and wide. It is their greatest pleasure to invite you to join them on their travels. If you wish for more romance, colour, poetry and imagination in your life let these cousins guide you to places unknown.

Cousins Gertrüd and Hildegärd grew up together in the mountains of Europe. At an early age they learned how to sing for their supper. Hardships and the loss of their families, in the Great Tragedy, brought them closer. To survive they kept hope alive by telling eachother stories of far off lands.

In the aftermath of the Great Tragedy, the Golden Years followed and the girls joined a caravan of entertainers. They each had jobs taking care of the livestock and the side show features.

Hildegärd squeezes her box and enjoys pickling in her spare time. She is the spokesperson for the International Safe Camping and Hiking Society, and specializes in photography of the “forgotten”.

Gertrüd blows a mean clarinet and has an enthusiastic interest in the Supernatural. Gertrüd has won first place in many International Pebble Painting competitions, and for 10 years in a row she has won second prize for her boiled potatoes at country fairs worldwide.

Together, Gertrüd and Hildegärd entertain audiences from far and wide.They are available for evening performances such as your brother's 30th birthday party, opening parties, and any great event that involves beer.

For more information: www.myspace.com/thestorydolls

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